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Hey, I’m Sisley! I am the founder of The Pure Life, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Blogger. I studied natural nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and graduated in September of 2016. I love my job! 


The Pure Life is all about empowering women through delicious plant-based foods and healthy, mindful living.

The Pure Life was created to teach, educate and inspire others on how to cook healthy delicious meals at home! You may notice The Pure Life focuses on nutrient-dense, plant-based and gluten-free recipes; this is because eating these foods makes me feel great! I want you to feel great too, and enjoy cooking food made with love. 

Why The Pure Life?

To me, living a pure life does not necessarily mean living 100% clean – because that takes a LOT of dedication! The Pure Life means living in a way that is best for YOU, while keeping in mind the pureness of plant foods, mindfulness, self love practices, being inspired by other humans and life itself and living a holistic lifestyle. 


Are you tired of feeling sluggish? Bloated? 

I choose plant-based foods so that my body (and yours) can thrive to be the very best it can be. I used plant foods to support my body to help cure my own cystic acne & rosacea, manage anxiety, IBS/bloating and live an energy – driven lifestyle! 

Do you have a negative relationship with food?

The Pure Life is designed to inspire and educate. It was created to inspire you to be creative in the kitchen and to stop and smell each fruit at the grocery store. I hope to educate you on the wonders each food does for our body, how it makes you feel and how, by taking a holistic approach, you can manage your symptoms and ailments. I also aim to use mindful self-love and awareness practices to help to have a positive relationship with food.

But isn’t eating healthy too time consuming?

All of my recipes take this into consideration. Once you have got a solid base of wholesome ingredients (see my grocery list) you can whip up all these recipes in under 30 minutes! Most take just 10 minutes to throw together. I live a very busy lifestyle and I can honestly say that I take no longer than 1 hour in the kitchen each day, unless I choose to :) 

New here? Where do I start? 

The following are my favourite recipes from the blog. You can also see a list of my fav staple recipes and my grocery list here. For daily inspiration, head over to my Instagram page, where I post my meals and tips daily! 
Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

Sisley’s Favourite Recipes

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