How to Go Plant-Based and Feel Amazing!

The Pure Life Plant-Based E-Book

Calling all plant-lovers, plant-haters, plant- hate/love relationshippers. This post is for you. – Interested in switching to a healthier diet? Not sure where to start? – Looking for inspiration? Recipe ideas? – Wanting to bring yourself to a normal, healthy weight? – Want to combat sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings? – Want to be a…

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How To Do a Juice Cleanse

How to Do a Juice Cleanse

How To Do a Juice Cleanse This week I was lucky enough to try a 1-day juice cleanse. This would be my third official 1-day juice cleanse and I couldn’t be more excited to share all my tips and tricks with you! In the summertime, letting my digestive system reset is something I do weekly….

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10 Gift Ideas for the Modern Health Nut

  Christmas is just 1 month away…can you believe it!? Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the Winter season is SO beautiful (you have to admit). Snow, pretty lights, hot cocoa, family gatherings, and tons of food! As I grow older, I have noticed that giving and receiving smaller, locally-made gifts have so much more love in…

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