Comfort Vegan Food: MeeT on Main

I had the pleasure of meeting with Kai and Lissi from Instagram this year and we decided to head over to MeeT on Main, a vegetarian/mostly vegan casual restaurant on Main street. Despite it’s name, MeeT actually serves delicious meat-less food that any veggie or non-veggie will love. Think drool-worthy veggie burgers, warming bowls and the…

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Vancouver Eats: Nelson the Seagull

This week I am sharing one of my newly-found favourite places to grab a toasted breakfast, Nelson the Seagull! Situated on the outskirts of China Town on Carrall Street, this little hip cafe is just about perfect to grab a book, a buddy or your laptop and tuck into a delicious cup of coffee and avocado…

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Vancouver Eats: Tractor Foods


I am so excited to share with you one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver, Tractor Foods! This casual restaurant is the absolute perfect lunch spot. Situated both in downtown Vancouver and in Kitsilano, it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat on your work break or on your way home from the…

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