Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

Easter weekend is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with pretty food?! I’ve gathered my favourite Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes for you all. They are plant-based, nutritious and delicious! 

Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

Raw Caramel Slices

One of the most-loved recipes on my blog! The best dessert to bring to a party – your friends will never know how truly healthy they are! Goo-ey caramel layer with salted chocolate…just trust me, you’ll love this one.

Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

A healthy, yet equally delicious, take on an old childhood favourite. Turn these into “Easter Eggs” by using a Easter-shaped molds from Amazon or stick to the classic. A great treat to keep in your freezer when you feel a craving coming on. These won’t last more than 2 days, trust me!

Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

Chocolate Buckwheat Crepes

Another healthy twist on the classic “crepe”, but made with raw cacao and buckwheat flour. A lovely breakfast to make with kids, make sure to layer fresh fruit and nut butter in between for a delicouis Easter treat!

Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

Blue Spirulina Chia Bowl

How pretty is this!? Packed with nutrient-dense ingredients like blue spirulina, bee pollen and coconut, this makes for the best Easter snack. 

Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

Carrot Ginger Smoothie

A smoothie to make your skin glow. Psst – the carrots will help you see in the dark, just like the Easter Bunny! I love topping this one off with a delicious granola.

Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

Ginger Cashew Energy Bites

Plan on going on a roadtrip, hike or outing this Easter weekend? Make sure to pack some delicious energy bites as a good healthy snack. These Ginger Cashew Energy Bites are too delicious and have a beautiful yellow colour to compliment the Spring season!

Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

Sweet Potato, Arugula and Quinoa Salad

What’s Spring without a salad? Try this super light lemon-y salad as a side dish for your Easter dinner. 

Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

Chickpea Frittatas

A veganized version of egg frittata muffin bites! These are made with chickpea flour and packed with veggies. Super delicious!

Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

Happy Easter everybody! I am sending my love to each and every one of you. Follow along my Instagram Stories to see what I’m up to this long weekend. Make sure to take some time this weekend to practice self-care and nourish your body!

Some more recipes that I’m loving right now:

Tomato Coconut Soup

Coconut Yoghurt Bowls

Summer Rolls

Classic Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Love, Sisley xx

Healthy Vegan Easter Recipes

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