How to Eat Healthy While Camping

Hiking and camping are a newfound love and hobby of mine, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it! A big misconception people often have is that you have to eat boring, dried and flavourless foods while hiking and camping (to save space and time) – but this is definitely NOT true! I have found some awesome store bought snacks and homemade snack ideas that are easy to carry and totally delicious. All of them happen to be vegan, too – score!

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Protein Bars

Protein bars can be loaded with sugar and nasty additives like soy and refined oils, so it’s best to stay away from those brands. My biggest tip is checking the label. The labels with the least ingredients are usually best, however some have an exception (such as PRO bars). My favourite protein/meal replacement bars include PRO Bars which are packed with tons of vitamins, minerals and superfoods. The Superfood Slam is my favourite. I also love the new GoMacro bars which taste just like those old Power bars, but they are much better for you. Lära Bars are also one of my main go-to’s I have found. They have very minimal ingredients with simple and delicious flavours (my favourites are Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Apple Pie and Blueberry). Vega Bars are also insanely delicious (despite the high sugar content) and a good alternative to chocolate bars (Chocolate Cherry is my go-to).

Main Meals

Don’t expect to bring a super tasty fresh salad on your hiking trips (trust me, this doesn’t usually end well). It’s important to pack things either pre-made, such as a chili or quinoa salad packed into a tupperware because the forest is not the most desirable (reliable, or convenient) kitchen. If making my own meal at home is too much effort or takes up too much space, I love Amy’s Organic Soups (available in bulk at Costco by the way!); the Lentil Vegetable keeps me satisfied and happy. If you’re looking for more of a treat, I usually opt for the Daiya “Cheezy Mac”, which is just like Mac and Cheese but vegan-ified. It is a little on the pricier side, and not the healthiest choice, but definitely worth it if you don’t want to feel left out while everyone else eats their KD (I often find myself in these situations). Good old Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches also do the trick. Shoutout to the classics, am I right?




Same as above – don’t expect waffles and a green juice cause that’s not going to happen (unless you can make that happen, then I will love you forever). However, oatmeal will totally save the day! I love Natures Path pre-packaged oatmeal because it’s super easy to carry and tastes delicious. You can definitely bring your own premade oats as well with cinnamon, goji berries, nuts, chia seeds, etc. for a cheaper alternative or to add more goodness to a prepacked oatmeal pack. If you don’t like oatmeal, dried fruit and nuts is a good option to fuel you for the day. 

Snack Time

Go crazy on snacks, because you will finish them all. There’s something about being outside in nature, no matter how little or vigorous the amount of activity is, that makes you want to eat your weight in food, and double that for breakfast. Hiking takes energy people! Give your body the best sources possible! For snacks, I am pretty much addicted to Prana’s Kilimanjaro Chocolate Mix (which is also available in bulk at Costco) and all your friends will be too, so watch out and pre-bag this stuff like there’s no tomorrow. Tamari almonds are also amazing, as well as dried Banana Chips (Whole Foods has some great Banana Chips sweetened with coconut sugar and coconut oil). Mary’s Crackers (once again, shoutout to Costco) are the best little cracker, especially when dipped into hummus or peanut butter. These Bliss Balls and these Peanut Butter Bites are also my favourite little snack to take with me (and everybody loves them!). Dates are also a great energy source, I love munching on Medjool dates while I’m hiking, to make sure I’m getting enough glucose to fuel my body and keep my energy levels high. For fruit, I usually only bring apples as they are easy to carry, but oranges are also nice to have for breakfast. For veggies, love to bring carrots to dip in hummus. 


Water is essential. Make sure you are packing at least 2 litres per person, plus some sort of water filter or straw. Drinking enough water will avoid dehydration, heat stroked and will replenish your cells for the day (or night) ahead! I love bringing tea bags (peppermint or chai) for a nice relaxing treat, and I know my friends love bringing coffee up as well. 


What are your favourite snacks to bring hiking or camping? I’d love to hear!

** this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are, as always, my own.


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