How to Go Plant-Based and Feel Amazing!

How to Go Plant-Based and Feel Amazing!

Calling all plant-lovers, plant-haters, plant- hate/love relationshippers. This post is for you.

– Interested in switching to a healthier diet? Not sure where to start?

– Looking for inspiration? Recipe ideas?

– Wanting to bring yourself to a normal, healthy weight?

– Want to combat sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings?

– Want to be a total plant-based babe!?

Cool. I’m going to help you out.

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

I have some super exciting news to share with you all! My Plant-Based E-Book is finally here! After months of planning and prepping and designing, I have created a highly-requested e-book. This E-Book is the Complete Plant-Based Package, packed with my favourite staple recipes, a complete plant-based grocery list, my best tips & tricks, answers to questions you may have and more.

The Pure Life Plant-Based E-Book

The Pure Life Plant-Based E-Book

While starting up my nutritional consulting practice over the past month, I have realised a few things:

  • people feel overwhelmed with the concept of “eating healthy” and “eating plant-based”
  • they often don’t know where to start, what to buy at the grocery store, etc. etc.
  • I get tons of messages asking common questions like where do you get your protein, iron, calcium, etc. etc.? What sorts of appliances do you use? What’s on your grocery list?
  • not everyone can afford personalised nutritional consulting on an ongoing basis

I have kept the price low at $19.99CAD (considering it costs $13 for a smoothie these days), as I know not everyone can afford personalised nutritional consulting. I will use the money I earn from these sales to create even more amazing content for you guys! More ebook sales = more recipes, blog posts, etc. etc. so tell allll your friends ;)

I hope you love it just as much as I enjoyed making it!

All my love,



2 thoughts on “How to Go Plant-Based and Feel Amazing!”

  • Hi, I have been trying to buy your e-book but ever time I try it says “Not accepting payments at this time” I’ve tried numerous times and on a few different occasions. Is there something I’m missing? I am in the US, is this the problem?



    • Hi Nikki

      I am so sorry! I haven’t had this problem…it may be because you are in the US. Let me look into it. In the meantime, I’d be happy to send you the e-book and an invoice on Paypal directly.


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