Life-Changing Coconut Yoghurt Bowls

Life-Changing Coconut Yoghurt Bowls

I have something to confess… I am a coconut yoghurt addict.

There, I said it. It’s true. I am officially addicted and totally obsessed with coconut yoghurt. This is probably due to my childhood, when I actually lived off yoghurt. It wasn’t until I turned 16 that I went into “yoghurt withdrawal” due to a severe overnight lactose intolerance. Which, on another note, totally saved my life. I am happily dairy-free and feel amazing. On another note, I have now gone about 6 years (wow, has it really been that long!?) without yoghurt in my life. It’s a sad thing, I know.

Then a magical thing happened. 

I was strolling through the aisles of my local grocery store, filling my basket with fresh fruits and veggies, when I decided to make a pit stop in the “fake vegan stuff” section, which usually consists of knock-off vegan cheese, vegan mayo, coconut whip cream… you get the idea. I went to grab a thing of vegan cheese for a lasagna I was making that night, when I saw it. I saw the coconut yoghurt. Not one, but two brands of coconut yoghurt. I smiled so big right there in that grocery aisle, grabbed one of each tub and skipped all the way home that day. Okay, maybe I didn’t skip…it was more of a slow struggle carrying, once again, too many groceries in my overly ambitious tiny two hands-full of tote bags (ugh, should have taken the bus).

Moral of the story: I am now whipping up kick-a$$ coconut yoghurt breakfast bowls every day and I couldn’t be happier for myself. I am back to where I started: addicted to yoghurt (someone, help). 

I have been making killer combos lately, and I just had to share my love for them with all of you! And the best part about them is that they literally take 2 minutes to make and aren’t noisy (my blender is really, really loud at 6am – sorry fam). 

Coconut Yoghurt Bowls

Enjoy! Xx


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