Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty Eating Pizza

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty Eating Pizza

Pizza – we often associate the word with guilt. Digging into a pizza for comfort, “cheating” on your diet and feeling massive amounts of regret after we dig into a cheesy slice – or 10. We associate pizza as a “guilty pleasure”, and what do we crave most when we are feeling vulnerable, out of balance or lonely? That guilty pleasure. That safe space.

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty eating pizza:

Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty Eating Pizza

I am here to remind you that it is OK to eat pizza, and to never feel guilty eating it.

  • be proud of yourself that you have listened to your body, that you have even asked yourself what you are craving, and answered that craving. 
  • release the guilt: feeling guilt or remorse can actually raise cortisol levels and have a more harmful effect on your body than actually eating the pizza will. It’s not worth fussing over.
  • try not to associate certain foods as “good” or “bad”, especially if you have a history of disordered eating. See it as just another food, serving a unique purpose. 
  • one piece of pizza is not going to make you unhealthy, just like how eating one salad will not make you healthy. Find your balance.

Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty Eating PizzaWhy You Shouldn't Feel Guilty Eating Pizza

Some strategies I use to release guilt and enjoy eating

  • make food look pretty (in this case, custom ordering a pizza with your favourite veggies or making your own homemade dipping sauces to go along with it)
  • mindful eating – I think about what the food tastes like, and I enjoy every bite. Eating rushed because you feel guilty can lead to stomach upset and stress on your digestive system. If I am going to eat pizza, I am going to enjoy every bite of my pizza! Oh, by the way – the same goes for burgers, doughnuts, ice cream, etc. etc.
  • enjoy it with friends who enjoy eating and have a healthy relationship with food. Eating is social, so might as well socialise over some pizza slices, right?
  • choose quality ingredients – which is why I am so excited to hear about Panago’s organic tomato sauce, vegan and gluten-free options (read below)

We are blessed to live in a world that is ever-changing, and what does change bring? More pizza! That’s right, now we can indulge in beautiful pizza that is not only delicious but able to serve all different diet types. Pick your pizza:

  • vegan (no cheese)
  • vegan (vegan soy/coconut cheese)
  • gluten-free
  • organic
  • plant-based vegan (100% plant ingredients, nut-based cheese)
  • homemade make-it-your-own pizza nights
  • classic pizza – if that’s how you roll

Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty Eating Pizza

I’ve teamed up with Panago Pizza for this post to share my love for pizza, and to talk about why it’s important to build a healthy relationship with your food and where it comes from. Panago now offers 100% organic Italian tomato sauce, tons of vegan options with vegan Daiya cheese or no cheese at all and gluten-free crusts. We, as consumers, have the power to create our own dream pizza that makes us, our minds, and our bodies feel good! Now that’s #QualityWorthSharing.

My fav go-to: The Veggie Meditteranean (Vegan-ized, no feta or mozzarella, sub Daiya cheese) – pictured above.

What works for me: I try to find balance by opting for a plant-based diet, while indulging in vegan treats every so often. This gives me the reassurance that I can feel good about putting cruelty-free products into my body, most usually made with love and nutritious ingredients. Whatever works for you, do that :) 

Now I’d love to hear from you! What’s your favourite pizza topping/combo? 

Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty Eating Pizza

This post was sponsored by Panago Pizza. All opinions are, as always, my own. Thank you for supporting companies that support The Pure Life.

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