10 Gift Ideas for the Modern Health Nut

10 Gift Ideas for the Modern Health Nut


10 Gift Ideas for the Modern Health Nut

Christmas is just 1 month away…can you believe it!? Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the Winter season is SO beautiful (you have to admit). Snow, pretty lights, hot cocoa, family gatherings, and tons of food! As I grow older, I have noticed that giving and receiving smaller, locally-made gifts have so much more love in them. Naturally, I have rounded up the perfect 10 gift ideas for the modern health nut. 

Photo courtesy of The Juicery Co.
  • A juice cleanse

This is the perfect gift for the New Year. January is a great time to flush out toxins and start fresh for the new year, or to simply add more fruits and veggies into your diet! Purchase a gift card from a local cold-pressed juice shop, like my favourite, The Juicery Co.and suggest a 1, 3 or 5 day juice cleanse or a list of juices they may like. My fav juices: The Greenist, Harvest and Local Rose. Throw in a box of homemade vegan cookies, too, just because! ;) 

Photo curtesy of Spud.ca
Photo courtesy of Spud.ca
  • A SPUD.ca gift card

Let’s face it, we could all use an abundance of healthy groceries in our kitchen. Local, fresh ingredients are the best gift. With SPUD, you can actually have your groceries delivered to your door. Best part? They have a wide selection local, organic and non-GMO foods. My fav picks: The Juice Box almond milk, Chioggia Candy Cane Beets, and Hippie Foods snacks. Buy one here

Photo curtesy of Oh She Glows.
Photo courtesy of Oh She Glows.
  • A Cookbook

An oldie, but always a goodie. A cookbook is a great way for your loved one to cook up delicious, healthy recipes! My favourites include The Oh She Glows Everyday Cookbook, The Homemade Vegan Pantry and Jerusalem: A Cookbook.

Photo curtesy of Petit Vour
Photo courtesy of Petit Vour
  • A Non-Toxic, Cruelty-Free Beauty Kit

OK, so this one isn’t local, but it sure is filled with love. I stumbled across Petit Vour‘s site the other day and fell in love! All of their products are cruelty free and free of nasty toxins, which means you are supporting healthy happy skin and protecting animals at the same time – how awesome is that? They also have an online shop for singular products, as well as the Beauty Box which is like a little Christmas present every month packed with mini cruelty-free beauty products. 

Photo courtesy of Deliciously Ella
Photo courtesy of Deliciously Ella
  • A Blender

A good quality blender is an awesome gift – it brings new opportunities to your kitchen. Whip up smoothies, soups, sauces – you name it! My personal favourite is the Ninja Blender at only $100 CAD – attach a few of your favourite recipes to go with it, makes a great gift.



  • The Ultimate Spa Package

Don’t take this one lightly, these local brands are filled with love and will bring bathtime to a whole other level. 

Build a basket with:

  • Saje essential oil 
  • a bag of Epsom Salts (affordable and same quality at any drug store)
  • A bar (or 3) of Good Oak Soap – made in small batches, locally in Vancouver, inspired by Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine and made from a base of Olive and Coconut oil.
  • a scented Woodlot candle – made in small batches, locally in Vancouver, with petroleum-free coconut wax.
  • A hand-me-down of your favourite book. Or I recommend a book by Louise Hay.
  • A few other things to add if you really want to jazz it up: Lush bath bomb, Skoah facial gift card, Kunye Buff Sugar Scrub and a Loofah.
Photo curtesy of itstodiefor.ca
Photo curtesy of Erin Ireland at www.itstodiefor.ca
  • Blue Heron Vegan Cheese Subscription

This is a must for any dairy-free or vegan foodies out there. This cheese subscription is packed with locally aged and crafted cheeses by a small team in Vancouver, B.C. (only available to Vancouverites, sorry guys!). You can sign up for a 1 month or longer subscription here

Photo courtesy of www.thekitchn.com
Photo courtesy of www.thekitchn.com
  • Mason Jars filled with good quality spices

This has been such an amazing addition to our kitchen at home. Storing spices in mason jars makes them easily accessible and allows you to get creative with your recipes. My favourite place to buy spices is online at Organic Matters or at Indian spice markets in your city. Fill them in store-bought mason jars – easy, D.I.Y. and filled with love!

Photo curtesy of YYoga.
Photo curtesy of YYoga.
  • A Yoga pass

Again, a very underrated gift. Yoga is such an amazing way to reduce stress, anxiety and turn off your mind for the time being. It’s a great way to practice mindfulness as we enter the new year. Purchase a 5 or 10 class pass, or a 1 month’s beginners membership. Buy one for yourself so you can go together! My fav yoga studios in Vancouver: YYoga, Semperviva Yoga

Photo curtesy of Pinterest.
Photo curtesy of Pinterest.
  • A large Plant, Succulent or Herb Garden

Plants give life and help us breathe fresh oxygen. This gift is full of life and is easy to maintain. A plant is also a great way to show that you think this person has responsibility and a kind heart. Try Ikea or your local plant/flower/garden shop for options. 






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