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How to Transition to a Plant Based Diet


So you want to transition to a plant based diet…but you don’t really know where to start!? I’ve been getting asked this question quite a lot lately, and so I decided it would be a good idea to write a little post! Transitioning into a plant-heavy or plant-based vegan diet […]

Get to know Sisley


Hey, there! My name is Sisley. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Acne Coach and Health & Wellness Blogger. I share my love for nutrition and wellbeing on my website and Instagram page, The Pure Life. Besides creating beauty food recipes and content for my readers on the daily, I […]

Raspberry Coconut Popsicles
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Coconut Raspberry Popsicles


Ahhhhhh! I just love summer. It gives me the excuse to eat popsicles, veggie burgers and smoothies all day, everyday with no shame!   To be completely honest, I was raised on dairy and I loved it. My diet used to consist of German cheese, milk, yoghurt drinks, pumpernickel bread and butter (SO […]

sugar-free banana loaf
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Sugar-Free Banana Loaf


I have always been a little nervous to tackle my own loaf of banana bread because my grandmother bakes the best banana bread, EVER. But I had a bunch of ripe bananas in my kitchen, and enough frozen bananas to make me enough smoothies to last a lifetime (not that […]

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January Round-Up


January has gone by way too quickly! Who agrees? It feels like yesterday that I was still bronzed from my trip to the Seychelles. In the span of one month, I’ve started a new job, got back on the green smoothie and quinoa train (boy did I miss those guys), […]