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The Skinny on Being Skinny

Don’t Focus On the Skinny, Do Focus On the Healthy

 I have always had a love for food, and I think that deep down, most of us do. It is only when we surrender ourselves to nature and allow our bodies to be nurtured, that we will make peace with our bodies and our plates. Creating a healthy relationship with food was the best decision I ever made.

Over the past couple of years I have suffered from digestive problems, stomach pains, IBS, bloating, headaches, and fatigue. Once I began to see these complications arise in my body, I decided that I did not want to live in pain anymore. After seeing a doctor for several months (and not finding any cures or solutions) I began to eliminate certain foods in my diet. For me, this meant cutting out most dairy and gluten, due to a lactose and gluten intolerance. I struggled, as most people do, but I was determined- and that’s all that mattered. I was determined to listen to my body and its needs, and to nourish it with foods that would not only benefit my appearance, but most of all, benefit the way I felt. 

These new eating habits allowed me to explore that eating healthy isn’t boring- it’s actually loads of fun! By focusing on a diet rich in whole, real foods, I was able to experience a feeling I was not familiar with, and that is a love for cooking. By shopping for, preparing, and cooking my own meals, I now know what is being put into my body- and I feel good about it! It is a feeling of control- you get to decide what goes into your body and what doesn’t- you have the power to determine your health and wellbeing.

I was fortunate enough to understand from the beginning that being healthy does not mean following a diet, starving myself, or over-exercising my body. I have grown up for a love for food, taste, and adventure.

By having to cut certain foods out of my diet, I slowly but surely learned that being healthy means listening to your body and listening to your cravings. If I am craving chocolate, I will eat chocolate.  The key to listening to your body is to explore your palette. Once I began introducing new foods into my diet (for example, a variety of fruits and vegetables, superfoods, spices, and plant-based products) I began to find myself craving less and less processed foods or foods high in sugar, salt and unhealthy fats.

This past year, I was able to isolate myself and explore what I was really passionate about. This “me time”, lead me to take an oath to love my lifestyle. I  began to focus on being the absolute healthiest I could be..

The great thing about listening to your body is that not only does it settle your craving, but your mind and soul can feel relaxed as well. Trust the process, and let’s join the movement of living a whole lifestyle: a lifestyle filled with pure natural foods, keeping our bodies active, and loving your lifestyle. 



Change It Up! Substituting Foods In Your Diet For a Healthier YOU

The key to substituting foods is to start simple. Experiment with your food, and trust your body. Remember to always feed it with love, lots of water, and nutrients. I believe that cooking at home is the number 1 place where you should opt for the healthiest food for your body. Everyone is different, and that’s something we should always keep in mind. However, when it comes to filling our body with nutritious foods, it starts with you and it starts in your kitchen.