Acne Safe Makeup (Pore Clogging Ingredients, Non Toxic Products & More)

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Did you know…

If you’re super acne prone and sensitive AF like I am, your makeup could be making your breakouts worse. Yup, acne safe makeup is a thing!

This is because some (actually, most) makeup contains pore clogging ingredients, meaning that some ingredients are more likely to contribute to “clogged pores” which coupled with excess oil production and inflammation can lead to acne.

Fun – I know.

So in order to make sure we are leaving no stone unturned, we want to make sure that while you’re clearing your acne from an internal POV, we also want to make sure we are avoiding pore clogging makeup.

Why is it important to choose “clean” non toxic makeup?

A big thing to remember is that not all “acne safe” makeup is “hormone safe”. Most makeup brands don’t give AF about your endocrine system, adding potentially harmful and carcinogenic ingredients to our MAKEUP (yes, our makeup!!). 

The reason this is even legal in the first place is because they use such small amounts that it “shouldn’t affect our health”. BUT, research shows us that bioaccumulation of these compounds can lead to serious neurotoxicity, reproductive and endocrine disrupting issues.

The problem is that the cleanest makeup on the market is usually packed with pore cloggers – ugh, we just can’t win haha!

So here we have some of my go-to product recommendations (that I usually safe for my clients) that are acne safe and clean(er). 

Acne Safe Makeup

Want to get clear skin naturally?

Remember – acne isn’t a topical issue, it’s a sign from the body that something is out of balance. 

Ditching pore-clogging makeup is a great way to help minimize breakouts, but it’s important to ask yourself why it’s even happening in the first place. What is your body trying to tell you?

Clear your acne naturally by addressing the root cause – learn about natural hormone balancing, reduce inflammation & support gut health, get the exact supplement plans I use for my 1:1 clients, a full list of acne-safe skincare, my favourite clear skin recipes and so much more. 

If you feel like you’ve “tried it all”, you need The Acne Protocol, the guide that’s helped thousands of women clear their skin naturally.

Love your clear skin bestie,

Sisley xx