Best Vegan & Healthy Cafes in North Vancouver

Best Healthy & Vegan Cafes in North Vancouver

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The Best Healthy & Vegan Cafes in NOrth Vancouver

You know you’re a healthy North Van foodie when…

  • you know what the “Lobo” smoothie from Buddhaful is, and you know that adding a tbsp. of espresso beans to it is vegan crack 
  • you’ve hiked Quarry Rock with a green juice, and then probably indulged in a Honey’s doughnut or Avocado Toast at Cafe Orso afterwards because you’ve earned it
  • you’ve done a Juicery Co. juice cleanse at least once
  • you got really, really excited when Glory Juice opened up on Lower Lonsdale
  • you got even more excited when you discovered The Vegetarian Workshop Café and tried the Ramen 
  • you get sushi at least 1+ times per week, and you have your favourite spot and stick to it.
  • you basically just love anything green or delicious
Best Vegan & Healthy Cafes in North Vancouver

After popular demand, I bring you…

The Best Healthy & Vegan Cafes in North Vancouver

I hope you’re hungry!


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The comfiest, cosiest spot in North Vancouver. I love meeting here with friends for a warming drink or stop by for a post-workout smoothie. You can easily spend hours in here, it’s that cozy!

The Juicery Co.

click here for their juice and nut mylk menu.

The best place for organic, cold-pressed juice, cleanses, or take away snacks and salads. The sleek and beautiful design (rustic meets modern) of both locations – Edgemont and Lower Lonsdale – is seriously Instagram-worthy. 

Glory Juice Co.

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Love this place for a good açai bowl and a work session. Grab your laptop and get working while nourishing your cells. They offer an all-organic menu including nourishing glory bowls, smoothies, juices, açai bowls, soups and toasts.

The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe

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The best place for Japanese-inspired comfort vegetarian dishes. The spicy tam-tam ramen is to die for, but they’ve also got an awesome selection of warming drinks (turmeric lattes, matcha teas, etc.)

Cafe by Tao

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When you’re craving raw vegan food, this is the place to go. Made with the best organic ingredients, love and holistic preparation. They offer many raw entrees, snacks, juices and smoothies. They make everything in-house. The Lucuma parfait, Crackers with Dill Nut Cheese and the Gaia burger are my favourites!

Cafe Orso

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Two things: Coffee and Avocado Toast. Perfectly ripened avocado on fresh sourdough toast, Himalayan salt and housemade chutney. Paired with a damn good latte. Perfect after a hike up Quarry Rock!

Artisan Bake Shoppe

As a born and half-raised German, good bread is something I truly value and love. Artisan Bakeshop is especially good because not only do they use organic ingredients, but their bread is vegan! My favourite thing about them is that they soak and sprout their grains overnight, to improve digestion and absorption. My favourite bread is the Ancient Grains or the Rye bread. They also have a lovely selection of vegan cakes and desserts, as well as classic sandwiches and paninis with veganaise! A local gem and favourite of mine. 

Best Vegan & Healthy Cafes in North Vancouver