Recipe: Fig, Orange & Cacao Energy Bars (V, GF, RSF)

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I’m so excited to bring you a healthy and delicious snack recipe this week! This recipe inspiration came from an obsession with a packaged bar I’ve been buying at the local supermarket, so naturally I just had to recreate it :)

The benefits of healthy fats:

  • almonds are a great source of healthy fats. Almonds are also rich in Vitamin E (an antioxidant) which is wonderful for healthy skin. They are also a source of plant-based protein when eaten in conjunction with a variety of whole foods, fruits and veggies.

The benefits of fruits:

  • mineral-rich fruits: I love the mixture of dried figs and sultanas in this recipe as they are both foods that I don’t see in my diet often. Dried fruits, eaten in conjunction with healthy fats or protein are a great energy booster and they satisfy sweet cravings like no other! Orange juice and zest give these bars an immune-supporting property, too!

The benefits of superfoods:

  • superfoods: Raw cacao and chia seeds take this bar to the next level. Raw cacao is a wonderful source of iron and magnesium and chia seeds are great for digestion.

This easy energy bar recipe is a great vegan and gluten-free snack idea. The bars are packed with energizing ingredients that help to balance blood sugar levels and keep cravings at bay. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Recipe: Fig, Orange & Cacao Energy Bars (V, GF, RSF)

Recipe by The Pure LifeDifficulty: Easy


Prep time



Easy vegan & gluten free energy bars.


  • 2 cups unsalted almonds

  • 200g of dried figs (about 1.5 cups)

  • 300g sultanas (about 2 cups) or dates (pits removed)

  • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder

  • 1 tsp cinnamon

  • pinch of sea salt

  • the juice of 1/2 an orange

  • 2 tbsp fresh orange zest or 1 drop orange essential oil

  • 4 tbsp chia seeds


  • In a food processor, add the almonds and pulse until ground into a flour-like consistency.
  • Next, add the dried figs, sultanas, raw cacao powder, cinnamon, sea salt, orange juice, orange zest and chia seeds. Blend for 2-4 minutes until the mixture is completely combined (it might start rolling into a big ball – this is normal!
  • Press the mixture firmly into a wide and shallow baking dish, about 1 inch thick. Put the dish into the freezer to set and remove after 1 hour or so.
  • Slice into bars and then transfer and store in the fridge in a sealed Tupperware for grab and go snacks.