Wellness: Tips for Staying Healthy in the Sun

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My Top Tips for Staying Sun-Safe

If you know me, you’ll know that I take my sun health very seriously. In fact, I take it so seriously that I am often teased for it – all in good fun though. I am one of those “sensitive” people who will catch just about anything known to mankind. I’ve pretty much had it all: ringworm, appendicitis, lactose intolerance, swine flu (yes, swine flu) and tons of sun stroke. Sun stroke, or “heat stroke” has gotten the best of me every single summer since I wish a little youngling, and I actually never learned how to control or avoid it, until this year. Due to my sudden realization that sun stroke is, actually, in fact, preventable, it has been a marvellous 1 whole year with no sunstroke (HUGE GRIN).

So you may be wondering why I’m doing a post about sun health in the dead of winter. Wellll, this year, I am probably the luckiest girl in the world because I have been invited on a family vaycay to the Seychelles! Here, as you may have guessed, will be hot. And sunny. And hot. Really, really hot. I know that many of my friends will also be escaping the winter blues and heading off into the sunshine, so I decided to make a little post on how to stay safe in the sun since our bodies are probably not very used to having our sun buddy around (unless you are in Aus, then you are one lucky duckling).

Sun stroke is one of the easiest things to avoid if you know how to avoid it in the first place! Some symptoms of sun stroke that I experience are dizziness, feeling light-headed, feeling chilly when it’s warm out, sweating, headaches, diarrhea, lack of appetite and vomiting. Okay, I’m really sorry for that long list of, well, unappetizing words, but I just want to help as many peeps as I can to stay healthy in the sun. 



1. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is absolute key. When I’m out in the sun, I make sure to always bring a 1L water bottle with me. Refill it as many times possible to prevent sun stroke. If I feel any of the symptoms listed above, I start drinking 2L of water straight away. If you have any coconut water or electrolyte-heavy drinks handy- those are also fantastic! I don’t like drinking sports drinks because of the high-sugar content, but sometimes these save me when there’s nothing else around. I also like to carry around Vega electrolyte packs just in case. You can buy these at your local health store.

2. Wear a hat

Wearing a hat is the second most important way to avoid sunstroke. Sometimes it isn’t easy to stay in the shade, and when the sun is above-bareable temperatures, you will need a hat! Direct heat/sun light on your head will effect you more than you think. It will cause dehydration and can make you feel dizzy. I couldn’t care less if my hat is stylish or not, I just grab whatever I can because my health is worth it!

3. Eat

Keeping your tummy full will keep your stomach at ease. To keep hydrated, stick to fruits like watermelon, berries or cucumber. If you are feeling queasy, I find that eating basic foods will help. For example, bananas, oatmeal, blueberries and tons more water.

4. Stay in the shade

Staying in the shade is always a good option. Getting sun stroke is just not worth it. Ever. If you enjoy the sun like I do, I would suggest laying in the sun for 15 minute intervals and then staying in the shade for 30 minute intervals. This will let your body adjust to the heat, especially if it is your first day of vacation.

5. Cool down your body

Whenever I feel sun stroke symptoms coming on, and once I have drank a ton of water, I always cool down my body. I usually will either jump in the ocean, have a cold shower or sit in an air conditioned room. This will help bring down fever and reduce dizziness.

6. Rest

Rest is very important, no matter what the sickness. Once you have drank enough water, eaten something and cooled your body down, I would suggest giving your body time to recover. Resting will allow your body to regain it’s strength for the next day!


Remember that I am not an expert and these tips are simply from my experiences! Please leave a comment if you have any tips, questions or concerns! And have a safe Xmas vaycay everybody!