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chia pudding recipe
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5 Ways to Recover From Overeating

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With Canadian Thanksgiving just behind us and American Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’m getting tons of questions on how to recover from overeating over the holidays.  What is overeating? Overeating and binge eating is something that many of us have struggled with at some point. It often comes unexpected […]

Liver Health
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How and Why You Should Support Your Liver

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Let’s talk about liver health! I want to teach you how and why you should support your liver. Our liver is a very important organ in the body that is often overlooked. Amongst many other¬†important functions, such as the metabolism of fats, protein and carbs and storing glucose for energy, […]

Chaga Chai
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Chaga Chai Latte


I love a good warm latte, especially during the winter months here in Canada. This Chaga Chai latte is seriously next level. I love the earthy taste of chaga and how nicely it pairs with spices like cinnamon and cardamom to make this drink extra special. I love a good […]

My Flying Rituals
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My Flying Rituals (Tips and Tricks)

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I have had the luxury of flying frequently throughout my young adult life. Flying is always wonderful to me because it means I am travelling to a new city, country or continent! However, I have quickly learned that being on an airplane for a long period of time often leads […]

Supplements for Digestion
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How to Beat the Holiday Bloat

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The holidays are such a beautiful and festive time, but let’s face it, we all feel a little hungover and sluggish this time of year. For me, the holidays usually mean eating too much food, drinking, napping, cuddling, sleeping, snacking, cooking, baking, taking the occasional snowy walk, and more eating. […]