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This Yoga Bed & Breakfast is Pure Magic

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Nectar Yoga BnB

Nectar Yoga BnB

As many of you saw on my Instagram Stories a few weeks ago, Ali and I were lucky enough to stay at Nectar Yoga BnB on Bowen Island in British Columbia.

Bowen Island is located only 20 minutes by ferry from Horseshoe Bay but feels like a total getaway. An adorable, small island with friendly locals and lush green forest, you will instantly feel relaxed as you step off the ferry.

Situated just a short distance (by driving, bike or local bus) from the ferry, Nectar Yoga BnB is tucked into a beautiful lot filled with tall green trees, blooming flowers and has a fairytale forest feel to it. Andrea has done an incredible job at giving you the ultimate west coast retreat experience. 

Nectar Yoga BnB

Nectar Yoga BnB

Feeling relaxed and grateful after a morning Yoga & Meditation session with Andrea


One of the best yoga teachers I have ever had, Andrea offers evening yoga & meditation classes before bed (included in your stay) that will make you sleep like a baby. You will fall asleep looking out at the bright moon and shimmering evening stars – it really is magical.

In the morning, you can wake up in your bungalow to the sound of the birds chirping and walk over to the Yoga Dome for your morning meditation and yoga class. The classes are focused on Asana Yoga but feel like a mix of gentle Hatha, an energetic flow or a mindful meditation stretch. We loved the diversity of the class and felt it pushed us in a very gentle yet powerful way. 

I highly recommend a drop-in session at Nectar Yoga even if you aren’t planning on staying at the Bed and Breakfast.

Nectar Yoga BnB

In my Inner Fire tank – handmade locally in Vancouver -https://www.myinnerfire.com/


What’s better than breakfast in bed? Honestly, not much.

Andrea is also a killer cook – we enjoyed vegan + gluten-free waffles made with local blueberries and Canadian maple syrup. She served us fresh coffee on the patio, with a side of green juice. It couldn’t have gotten much better than that! Nectar Yoga BnB uses natural, fresh ingredients to feed your soul and nourish your cells for a beautiful day ahead!

Nectar Yoga BnB

The view from Mt. Gardner half-way point

Nectar Yoga BnB

Perfect Getaway for Couples!

Nectar Yoga BnB

GORGEOUS beach views

Things to Do on Bowen

There are a few hammocks and lounge areas at Nectar Yoga BnB, so we enjoyed drinking our coffee and reading a good book during our downtime.

In our short 2 day – 1 night stay on Bowen Island, we really got to enjoy the beauty of the island. We enjoyed hiking up to Mt. Gardner (leave 4-5 hours for this hike, and a lunch break at the top) and enjoying veggie sandwiches from the local bakery on our lunch break at the top. Make sure to pack lots of water because it can get super warm during the summer!

We also loved exploring the local beaches. The water is clear and crisp but incredibly healing and refreshing. I recommend beach hopping to explore the whole island!

There are tons of cute local restaurant nearby, including a delicious pizza restaurant called Tuscany and avocado toast/ ice cream shop called Branch and Butter with dairy-free options!

Nectar Yoga BnB

Recipe Testing for our Liquid Detox Retreat in September

Nectar Yoga BnB

Liquid Detox Retreat September 8-10th

Join me in cleansing, detoxing, grounding and relaxing into the Fall season.

Andrea is hosting her signature Liquid Detox Retreats this year, and I couldn’t be more excited to be the Registered Holistic Nutritionist for the next September retreat. 

You can find more details here, or email me at sisley@thepurelife.ca for more information. The September retreat is currently sold-out with accommodation, but we do have a few spots left without accommodation. 

“Leave behind the usual distractions of life and arrive in a space of nourishment, movement, self-reflection and discovery. Reconnect with your internal happiness.” 

Nectar Yoga BnB