Banana Raspberry Banana Ice Cream

5 Minute Banana Raspberry Ice Cream

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There’s something so special about the combination of raspberries and bananas! It never ceases to excite my tastebuds and my body loves the combination when it comes to digestion. Banana Ice Cream is god’s gift sent from heaven for people who either can’t digest dairy, love bananas or follow a plant-based diet. The bananas just make it so creamy and the raspberries level it all out so it’s not too sweet. This 5 Minute Banana Raspberry Ice Cream is a great breakfast in the summer or a perfect meal to have if you feel like your digestion needs a break or if you need something just really refreshing and comforting. Unfortunately you do need to have a good quality blender or food processor to make this, but it’s definitely worth borrowing a friend’s for ;) For more Banana Ice Cream and smoothie inspiration, you can follow my instagram page!

Banana Raspberry Ice Cream

  1. 4 frozen bananas, pre-peeled, frozen and broken into smaller pieces
  2. 2 ripe spotty bananas
  3. dash of non-dairy milk of your choice
  4. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  5. 1/4 tsp cardamom
  6. 1 cup of frozen raspberries, plus more for decoration,
  7. 2 chilled mason jars
  1. In a high-speed blender or food processor, blend the frozen and ripe bananas with the milk, vanilla and cardamom. This may take a few minutes, so be patient. Once it is creamy and blending smoothly, remove 1/3 of the mixture and place into the bottom of 2 chilled mason jars.
  2. Next, add a small handful of frozen raspberries to the blender and pulse for just a few seconds. Scoop half of that mixture into the mason jars as the next layer.
  3. Then add the rest of the frozen raspberries into the banana mixture and blend until creamy. Scoop this mixture as the last layer into your mason jars.
  4. Top with more frozen raspberries and your desired toppings (hemp seeds, shredded coconut, chopped nuts, etc.!)

 Banana Raspberry Banana Ice Cream
  Banana Raspberry Banana Ice Cream


Banana Raspberry Banana Ice Cream