How to Grocery Shop for a Music Festival

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How to Grocery Shop for a Music Festival

Festival season for us Canadians is soon approaching, with the first in the lineup, Sasquatch, kicking off in Oregon this weekend. I had a friend come up with the brilliant idea to share some of my favourite foods to bring to a festival! I notice that many people get a little stuck when it comes to grocery shopping and prepping for healthy meals for music festivals and so I decided to write a little list for you guys on how to grocery shop for a music festival! I promise, everything is so easy to prepare and will keep you going throughout the crazy long days and nights dancing to your favourite bands if you just take a little time to prepare your healthy meals and snacks for the weekend. Trust me on this one, that you will want to spend a little more money and/or time on buying good food for your body as this will make you feel awesome the whole weekend!

I really like to emphasize the importance of snacks for camping as they are the easiest to prepare, transport and will give you tons of energy! I love to pack healthy dried snacks on the go like medjool dates, tamari almonds, dried mango, rice crackers, these multigrain chips, pre-popped lightly salted popcorn (either homemade or pre-bought). I also love these little Chia Squeeze pouches, and although they use a lot of packaging which I don’t usually recommend, I think they are really transportable and perfect for taking on the go. You can find most of these things at bulk stores like Costco or at Whole Foods. If you have time beforehand, I also recommend making these Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls, which are little energy bites that will keep you going throughout the days. You can store them in a tupperware in your cooler and they will stay fresh the whole weekend!

For fresh items, I recommend buying a couple bunches of bananas, berries and apples. These are easily transportable and are great for breakfasts and snacks. I also recommend buying some avocados and bread and making some avocado bread in the mornings. Another good breakfast idea is to bring a ziplock bag of oats and a carton of rice milk, which you can keep in a cooler no problem. Add some fresh fruit and you’re good to go! I also recommend buying some fresh veggies like carrots, celery and broccoli. The key to this is to wash, cut and bag them into portion sizes before you head off (or do this the day you get to the campsite). I would also recommend buying some store-bought hummus and using that to dip your veggies in. Buying lemons and limes is a great way to jazz up any meal. You can also add lemons and limes to your water bottle to keep you extra hydrated throughout the day and help avoid hangovers. 

For bigger meals, I recommend buying a few cans of beans (pinto, chickpeas, black beans) and some tomato sauce. These are easy to throw together and either warm up or eat cold and take basically zero effort. You can always add veggies like lime and avocado into the mix to make it exciting and nutritious! I also like to bring a back-up bag of granola (homemade or all-natural granola) just in case you are hungry and need some quick energy. If you are a big BBQ-er and still want to participate in some BBQ fun, I recommend buying some frozen pre-made veggie burgers and/or bringing fresh veggies like pepper and zucchini to throw on the BBQ! 

Inside the camp and festival grounds, you will probably be tempted to eat all of the deep-fried food you can see. Trust me on this one, that you will feel 1 million times better if you gulp down a refreshing smoothie or munch on a salad or stir-fry bowl. Your friends WILL be jealous because that’s really what your body needs and wants! Don’t stress too much but just keep in mind how good you will feel if you choose the healthier option. Many music festivals supply lots of healthy food stands like kombucha on tap, veggie tacos & burritos, salads and juices! 

Last but not least…I think hydration is super important. Being someone who is extremely sensitive to sunlight and heatstroke, I always make sure I carry around coconut water with me. Coconut water contains electrolytes which are super-hydrators and are just as effective as a sports drink! I also love to pack some extra Vega Electrolyte Packets which you can find at health food stores or online, just in case I get sick or am feeling some sunstroke symptoms coming on.

Your Grocery List: (see links above for specific products)

medjool dates, tamari almonds, dried mango, rice crackers, multigrain chips, pre-popped lightly salted popcorn, all-natural energy bars, chia squeeze pouches, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, apples, avocados, gluten-free or spelt bread, pasta, oats, granola, rice milk, carrots, celery, broccoli, limes, lemons, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, hummus, canned beans, tomato sauce, frozen veggie burgers, ice cubes/packets, water jugs, orange juice, coconut water, electrolyte packets, mint tea for relaxation and digestion in the mornings. 

Don’t Forget:

Large waterbottle, sharp knife, plastic cutting board, cooler, bowl, plate, mug, spoon, fork, tupperware, plastic baggies, paper towels or old kitchen cloth, your awesome dance moves.

One More Really Important Thing:

Have fun!