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Why Barre is the Ultimate Workout to Fuel Your Week

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This summer I teamed up with Barre Fitness for a Barre Challenge! I had so much fun attending Barre classes 2-3 times per week and really got to see a difference. The workouts consisted of a total body workout, separated into 3 parts – arms, legs and abs. The Barre studio is bright and welcoming, with pretty turquoise accents and fun beats playing through the stereo. 

Why Barre is the Ultimate Workout to Fuel Your Week

Barre Fitness

There’s something for everybody.

The one thing I love about Barre Fitness is that every teacher is different. Some are more relaxed, some have a Pilates background, some have a ballet or a jazz background, some are more uplifting, some are more focused on intense cardio and others on focusing on small movements. The teachers offer movement options for beginner and advanced and are super accommodating when it comes to altering an exercise. They even offer childcare!

So whatever I am in the mood for, I just sign up for that! My absolute favourite class is my friend Rebecca‘s Cardio Barre class – the class speaks for itself (you will be sore for days). 

It works.

After just a few classes at Barre Fitness, I felt incredibly strong! My core feels stronger, my glutes tighter and my flexibility is increasing. 

It strengthened my lower back.

I struggled with lower back issues last year due to lack of proper exercise and nourishment. I’ve been slowly recovering and healing my back ever since. Going to Barre on a regular basis helped to strengthen those essential muscles to support my lower back, as well as my core and legs. I felt significant changes in my lower back only 1 week into my Barre practice. 

It’s fun!

The pump-up Cardio classes are my favourite to get into an awesome mood for the day, but they also offer classes to help you unwind and relax into your workout too. To keep things interesting and challenging, the teachers offer movements with light and heavy weight options, bands and barre balls.

I recommend grabbing a Barre buddy or making a friend in the classes, it makes it that much more fun, plus you can drag each other to class on those days where you simply can’t get out of bed. I love that the classes are mostly women, they are empowering and encouraging! 

 Now I want to hear from you! Have you tried Barre? What did you think?

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Barre Fitness