How to Eat Healthy While Camping

How to Eat Healthy While Camping

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Being raised as a part-time hippie and forest adventurer, I have always had a love for escaping the city for a few days to hike in the mountains or camp along a lake. We have had some incredible adventures over the years, and the majority of our adventures include good, delicious comfort food.

A big misconception people often have is that you have to eat boring, dried and flavourless foods while hiking and camping (to save space and time) – but this is definitely NOT true! I have some homemade snack ideas that are easy to carry and totally delicious. 

Protein Bars

Protein bars can be loaded with sugar and nasty additives like soy and refined oils, so it’s best to stay away from those that are packed with long lists of ingredients.  The labels with the least ingredients are usually best, or try making your own! Lära Bars  are one of my main go-to’s to stock up with – they have very minimal ingredients with simple and delicious flavours. Better yet, try making your own!

Main Meals

I recommend keeping it flavourful, but simple.

For breakfast, we usually do a veggie hash with tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms. Organic egg or tofu scrambles are great for camping if you’ve got the space and supplies. I also love pre-frozen spelt waffles and banana as a treat. For overnight hiking, I love packing a pre-made porridge mix with oats, dried fruit, cinnamon and chia seeds to cook in water.

For dinner, I love making pre-frozen veggie burgers or taco bowls in the summer months and warm soups in the winter months. I love Amy’s Organic Soups  if you are looking for a canned soup alternative. For overnight hiking, we love making veggie chilli or rice and veggie stir fry to reheat over the fire.

But really, if all else fails, good old peanut butter and jam sandwiches on fresh bread always do the trick. Shoutout to the classics, am I right? Opt for natural peanut or almond butter with organic or homemade jam on sprouted whole grain, sourdough or rye bread.

Snack Time

Go crazy on snacks, because you will finish them allThere’s something about being outside in nature, no matter how little or vigorous the amount of activity is, that makes you want to eat your weight in food, and double that for breakfast.

Give your body the best sources of fuel possible.

These Bliss Balls or these Pumpkin Spice Glazed Donut Holes are my favourite little snack to take with me.

For store-bought snacks, I love Prana’s Kilimanjaro Chocolate Mix, and all your friends will be too, so watch out and pre-bag this stuff like there’s no tomorrow. I also love salted or tamari almonds, healthy crackers, homemade trail mix, dark chocolate, dried fruit, homemade trail-mix cookies, carrots and apples. Dates are also a great energy source, I love munching on Medjool dates while I’m hiking, to make sure I’m getting enough glucose to fuel my body and keep my energy levels high. 


Besides making sure you are drinking adequate amounts of filtered water, I also love bringing peppermint or spiced chai tea bags, mushroom hot chocolate powder or coconut water crystals to rehydrate.

Now I’d love to hear from you! What are your favourite camping snacks? Share on Instagram with #thepurelife so I can see your ideas.

How to Eat Healthy While Camping