10-Day Immune Support Guide: Q’s Answered, How-To and Details!

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I am SO excited to share my most recent ebook, my Immune Support Guide! I’ve been working like crazy on this guide (but not too crazy, because stress is bad for the immune system!) day and night. The recipes have been tested and retested, to make them absolutely perfect for you. I’ve structured them in a way so that they are easy to follow and made with similar ingredients, keeping grocery lists short.

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Who is this Immune Support Guide for?

  • Those looking to improve their overall health, specifically immune health
  • Those looking for inspiration and motivation to cook healthy meals from scratch
  • Those on a budget, with access to basic ingredients who want to reduce food waste but still eat delicious and healthy
  • Those who want science-backed nutrition facts and recommendations from a trusted Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Because of recent events, it is important to note what this Immune Support Guide is not for:

  • This guide is in no way associated with the outbreak of Covid-19 and not intended to substitute recommendations given by your doctor nor the government. The recommendations and recipes in this guide are not intended to “cure” or “treat” Covid-19 or any illness for that matter. These recommendations are designed to share information about science-backed nutrition and wellness for optimal wellbeing at any time of the year.

Does the Immune Support Guide follow a specific diet?

All recipes are designed with ingredients to support immune health. Food is a gentle and wonderful way to support overall health without having to worry about complications. We can always improve our diet through simple, whole foods! All the recipes in the guide are dairy-free and gluten-free with vegan options for every recipe. If you want a specific modification for the recipe, simply send me an email at sisley@thepurelife.ca and I’ll help you make the best substitution for that dish. While these recipes are not specific to the individual, you are more than welcome to switch them up to suit your needs.

Reviews on The Immune Support Guide

I absolutely loved the recipes in Sisley’s Immune Support Guide. I found the recipes easy to make and really yummy additions to my current diet. The Immunity Smoothie is a new favourite of mine! – Lexy from Vancouver

Sisley’s Immune Support Guide is one of the most informative, resourceful and inspiring ebooks I’ve come across. It’s packed with easy-to-understand nutrition education and delicious recipes – all presented in a way that makes you feel excited to nourish your body and mind at every meal! I especially love the Vanilla Hot Cocoa and the Red Lentil Curry. Safe to say it’s the best way to spend $15! – Meghan, RHN from Salt Spring Island

My favourite recipes are the Maple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Loaded Breakfast Toasts and Spiced Chickpeas in Tomato Sauce, yum! – Connie from Vancouver

How much will the guide cost?

The Immune Support Guide will be priced at $14.99 to help those with a limited budget who are looking for extra support from a Holistic Nutritionist. If you enjoyed this guide and are looking for further 1 on 1 support, I offer personalized nutrition coaching via video chat. I have helped many clients over the past 4 years with digestion, skin health, hormone balance and more. Email me at sisley@thepurelife.ca for more information and package options.

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