My Kitchen Hacks – How to Make Cooking Easy & Enjoyable!

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A big part of eating healthy and living holistically means having a super stocked, organized kitchen that you actually enjoy cooking out of! Over the past year, we have slowly built a kitchen that is organized and easy to cook in! I am super excited to have teamed up with The Unscented Company to bring you some awesome Kitchen Hack Essentials.

Kitchen Hacks
Photography by Eleanor Hanna
Kitchen Hacks
Photography by Eleanor Hanna

1. Fill Up Those Mason Jars

Grab a tray of mason jars from your local hardware store, give them a good rinse and fill them with bulk items like nuts, seeds, oats, and flours. Buying in bulk saves money, time, waste and it just makes more sense. Look for a local bulk store, hit up Whole Foods or online at stores like Organic Matters.

Ditch the plastic Tupperware and opt for sturdy glass. Not only are these prettier and last longer, but they won’t be as harmful as the plastic ones. Toxins like BPA and xenoestrogens can be harmful hormone disrupters and can be a contributor to many health problems.

2. Be Earth Smart

With The Unscented Company products, it’s easy to be earth smart. Made with unscented, biodegradable, responsible ingredients, it’s easier for you to be more conscious when choosing cleaning products. The Unscented Company is a great way to be more eco-friendly, as their product and online store work on a refill basis, reducing waste, and they never test on animals. Their products are sold in Bulk Barns across Canada!

3. Dark vs. Light Storage

Keep your superfoods, nuts, and seeds in the dark or in the shade. We keep our cereals, flours, oats, popcorn, and powders on a shelf in mason jars, with the blinds closed. Nuts and seeds belong in the fridge, along with superfoods like matcha and bee pollen. Sensitive mushroom powders and spirulina can be kept in a cool, dark and dry place.

4. Use Leftovers

Dedicate a section or bin in the fridge for half-used produce. This is a great way to use up leftovers so they don’t go bad – I used to be so bad at this until I started using this system! Make the section easy to grab/see so you can easily add the produce to smoothies, juices, soups or stir-fries. 

Another great way to create less waste in the kitchen is to compost. I like to keep a bowl next to my cutting board while I prepare meals, so I can easily fill up the bowl and add it to the compost at the end of my clean-up. So easy!

5. Make it Fun (and pretty)

Buy some flowers, add some essential oils to a diffuser or burn some palo santo. Add succulents and plants to keep your kitchen enjoyable to be in! I also love blasting music or listening to a podcast when I’m cooking or cleaning the kitchen. My favourites include Italian dinner music, The Ultimate Health podcast or Jack Johnson.

This post was sponsored by The Unscented Company. All opinions are my own.

Kitchen Hacks
Photography by Eleanor Hanna