How Working Out Can Lead to Gorgeous Skin

How Working Out Can Lead to Gorgeous Skin

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This Summer has been the best workout season for me! I love getting outside and doing anything from yoga in my backyard to a jog or a workout in the park. In the colder months, I love a good Spin or Barre class and adding them every so often to my summer schedule too. I feel strong and healthy and excited to keep moving my body in creative and challenging ways.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that Ali and I had the privilege of attending Wanderlust festival in Whistler with the Adidas team a few weeks ago. We tried everything from Acro yoga to Slackline, relaxing by the river, a 2 hour Bon Iver flow class and even attended a Silent Disco! We had such a blast attending classes, drinking cacao butter Bulletproof coffee, shopping at the Adidas tent and making new friends. We will definitely be back next year! 

Attending this festival made me realize how important it is to move your body in different ways. We loved trying new classes and even had time to squeeze in a hike to a local waterfall! 

We definitely got a good sweat in, which inspired me to write this post in celebration of Beauty Food month! 

Sara Paley Photography

Sara Paley Photography

Have you ever noticed your skin literally glowing after a good workout? I’m here to tell you why and how working out can lead to gorgeous skin!

  • Increases Blood Flow: this gives the body the ability to bring nourishment to all your cells, including your face/skin
  • It’s stress relieving: we all know the usual break out in times of stress. The great news is that exercise can help to reduce stress levels, therefore making it a great tool for flawless skin.
  • It’s Detoxing: when you exercise, you are circulating your lymphatic system, which is in charge of assisting in the elimination of toxic waste. Goodbye, blackheads!

The first steps to getting in a good workout:

  • Get Your Gear: there’s nothing better than wearing a workout outfit you feel #fabulous in – am I right? I love Adidas outfits, they are super comfortable, flexible and so cute!
  • Get a Good Playlist: I love Spotify for all my workout tunes. Create your own playlist (don’t forget the BeyoncĂ©) or follow along on other people’s accounts.
  • Comfortable Shoes: my life is changed…never have I worn such comfortable workout shoes. I actually get so excited to workout every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes, so I can wear these shoes. I feel like I’m walking on clouds!

Wearing my limited edition Adidas x Wanderlust tshirt, navy blue Performer High-Rise Tights, the comfiest Ultra Boost runners, my favourite Warp-Knit Crop Top.

Sara Paley Photography

Sara Paley Photography

What are you waiting for? Let’s sweat!

Now I’d love to hear from you – what is your favourite workout routine, workout gear or playlist? Have you noticed any significant skin changes from exercising? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

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