Live Blood Analysis

Why You Need to Do Live Blood Analysis Right Now

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Imagine knowing what your blood cells are up to, simply with the prick of a finger?

I present to you: live blood analysis.

This is the future, my friends. Just a prick of blood from your fingertip, and live blood analysis can you show you exactly what’s going on in your body. I’m talking acidity in the body, liver toxicity, inflammation, heavy metal toxicity and even (ok I know it’s freaky, but…) parasites.

To get a better understanding of what is impacting your health, is it important to discuss nutrition and lifestyle.  Jordan asked me my stress level, energy level, typical breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, water intake, exercise, diagnosed illnesses, recent blood test results and any medications or supplements taken.

My friend Jordan does this for a living – she analyzes people’s blood cells under a microscope and can tell you in 30 seconds if you should be drinking more lemon water, reducing your stress levels, including spirulina in your smoothies and so much more

Live Blood Analysis

Naturally, when I heard about this magical practice, I had to try it out for myself. 

To be honest, I was pretty nervous. I am a holistic nutritionist, so I should be in totally perfect health, right? Wrong. Even nutritionists forget to take extra special care of themselves when they are so busy taking care of others. It turns out I had a few red flags show up, including:

  • overloaded / toxic liver
  • parasites
  • slight inflammation
  • stress-related symptoms
  • and more

The good news? I know how to help my body get back to a good flow. I know how to do a good liver cleanse. I have been taught how to naturally and efficiently rid of parasites. Reducing inflammation is my fav reason to add fresh turmeric to my smoothies and reducing stress is something I needed to seriously take a look at. 

Sometimes you need help from others, and that’s OK.

Even if you are a practitioner, I highly recommend giving this a try. It’s a great way to target specific health imbalances that you may have pushed aside over the years due to career or lack of interest. For me personally, I saw a few signs of these symptoms arise over the past year but simply pushed them aside due to what I thought was “positive thinking”. 

Want to try it for yourself?

Book a consultation with my girl Jordan Bruce (Functional Blood Analyst) at Bruces Roots Nutrition here. And read more about the process here.

All my love, Sisley

Live Blood Analysis