How to Make Sisley’s Signature Savoury Breakfast

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Don’t get me wrong, I love a good green smoothie or beauty bircher from The Pure Program, and this is usually what I consume for breakfast most days, but I also can’t get enough of my signature savoury breakfast! On my mornings at home, I usually have more time to prepare a big proper breakfast like this one. I like starting my day with a big plate of greens and savoury foods because it truly helps me crave veggies throughout the day. I initially started eating balanced savoury breakfasts to help balance out my hormones after years of struggling with hormonal acne, painful periods and more (PS, I still do sometimes struggle with these, it’s an ongoing process). It feels so much better when I can get a few good savoury breakfast plates in during my week. Curious to know how I make them? I’ll take you through it.

The Benefits of a Savoury Breakfast:

  • helps me crave veggies throughout the day
  • supports my body in balancing my blood sugar levels and hormones
  • keeps my digestion in good shape
  • nourishes me after my morning workout
  • is all around delicious!

Let’s break it down…

Leafy Greens

This is the basis of my savoury breakfast because greens are simply amazing! Adding greens to my breakfast, especially alongside the protein, helps me digest the rest of the food on my plate. This helps to reduce bloat and increases mineral absorption. Greens are super anti-inflammatory, making them a great food for fighting disease. They’re also packed with Vitamins A and C which help promote glowing skin, and iron, which many women are deficient in. I usually pick whatever is in season, but below are a few of my top picks.

Sisley’s picks: for a fresh option, I like arugula or Spring mix. For a cooked option, I like sautéed kale, collard greens or spinach

Clean Protein

Protein is essential to help stabilize blood sugar levels and maintain repair in the body, especially after a workout. Protein is a crucial part of the diet and should be included at every meal.

Sisley’s picks: For breakfast, I love pasture-raised eggs. I like to prepare mine either fried/sunny-side up, poached or scrambled. I’ll mix them with ground turmeric, nutritional yeast, sea salt and black pepper. Quality eggs contain a mineral called choline, which plays an important role in mood, DNA synthesis and memory. If you’re consuming truly free-range organic eggs, then they should also be a great source of selenium, Vitamin D and B12.

For an egg-free option, organic tofu or tempeh is a good alternative or beans like chickpeas or cannellini beans will do nicely too.

Healthy Fats

We need healthy fats throughout our day to keep our cravings at bay! Healthy fats help promote glowing skin, healthy hair and happy hormones. Including a little bit at breakfast helps to keep me satiated and focused and really makes such a difference in my day.

Sisley’s picks: My go-to’s are extra virgin olive oil drizzled on (raw) or cooked with (sautéed) the leafy greens, maybe some walnuts or Brazil nuts, and if I have it on hand, 1/4 of an avocado.

Fibre & Carbohydrates

I like refuelling my body with complex carbohydrates after a workout to replenish my cells and avoid muscle fatigue throughout the day. Even when I’m not exercising, a breakfast that includes a bit of carbohydrates helps to keep me energized for the day. I am also such a big fan of breakfast toast, so that’s a must!

Sisley’s picks: gluten-free paleo toast, sourdough bread or baked sweet potato slices

Fermented Foods

This is optional, but I love including fermented foods in my diet to help support my digestion. Not only are fermented foods great for reducing bloat but they also play an important role in immune health. Eating a small amount of fermented foods in our diet can really help create a strong microbiome, which is linked to digestion, immunity, mental health, brain health and more.

Sisley’s picks: If I have it on hand, I’ll add a tbsp of sauerkraut to my meal if I’m feeling fancy. If not, I’ll usually have it with lunch or dinner, but I like to make sure to get some fermented foods in my diet each day.

How do you like your savoury breakfast? I’d love to know!