Pad Thai

Got the Travel Bug? Here Are 10 Easy Recipes for You!

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Pad Thai

This past year, I had the pleasure of writing and producing recipes for the World of Wanderlust blog – a blog for everything travel started by my friend Brooke. These recipes were created to share my love for cooking internationally-known and loved cuisine. The following are my favourite recipes…and I know you guys will love them too! And guess what? They all happen to be healthy & vegan too ;) 

1. Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

I just love Summer Rolls!! They are incredibly fresh and crispy. I love making a big batch for lunch with this peanut dipping sauce. They are super kid-friendly and you can change up the fillings to whatever you choose! I love stuffing them with tons of leafy greens, fresh peppers, crunchy carrots and cucumber, and even strawberries and mango too. 


2. Healthy French Toast

Vegan. Healthy. French. Toast. UGH, yes. This French Toast uses Ciabatta toast (or gluten-free if you please), chia seeds and almond milk to hold everything together. Topped with fresh seasonal fruit, 100% Canadian Maple Syrup and Coconut Whipped Cream – um, yes please. 


3. Pad Thai

This is one of my favourite recipes that I’ve ever created. It is so delicious I don’t even have words. Rice noodles with wok-friend veggies and creamy peanut sauce topped with fresh herbs and lime juice. You don’t need to travel to Thailand to have this authentic dish!


4. Easy Miso Ramen

Mmm! I just love miso! This dish is pretty easy to make and is super comforting to share with family or friends. I like adding broccoli and corn into the mix for extra veg. Steamed kale on top is good too.


6. Garlicky Tahini Falafel Wraps

Just look at all the deliciousness in this photo!! The sauce is my favourite part of this recipe. Wrapped in warm naan and topped with fresh crunchy veggies is also a must. This protein-packed meal is a go-to for vegans and meat-lovers alike. 


Tahini Falafel Wraps

7. Canadian Maple Pecan Bars

These bars taste like caramel and maple chewy goodness! Topped with crunchy pecans and more deliciousness. I would recommend making a double batch because they go quick!

Maple Pecan Bars

8. 7-Layer Mexican Bean Dip

Who doesn’t love 7 Layer Bean Dip!? This vegan friendly version will knock your socks off for Mexican night, game night or Netflix and Chill. 

7 Layer Bean Dip

9. Mexican Burrito

Jam-packed with guac, wild rice, sautéed corn, tomatoes, onions, shredded lettuce, black beans and lime juice wrapped in a big tortilla wrap. Serve with mojitos and more guac. Done.

Mexican Burrito

10. The Ultimate Veggie Burger

No. Words. This Burger is amazing. Just try it!

The Ultimate Veggie Burger

Now let’s get cooking!