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Important Tips for Young Entrepreneurs with The Juicery Co’s Alex Troll


Alex Troll, co-owner of The Juicery Co. here in Vancouver is a serious inspiration. Not only is this girl wholesome and down-to-earth, but she is incredibly driven. Starting her own family-run organic cold-pressed juice company in her young 20’s has been a huge success. The health movement here in Vancouver is responding well, too – with 3 current locations (and more to come), The Juicery Co. has made a powerful impact on the community. I got to speak with Alex and sneak a few questions in about entrepreneurship and what it’s like to start a business from the ground up. 

Let Food be thy medicine. -Hippocrates


Alex and her mom, Christina Prevost, co-owners of all 3 The Juicery Co. locations.

What made you want to start your own business?

My family is full of entrepreneurs so I grew up around that and always wanted it for myself as well. When something fell in my lap that I felt reallllly passionate about and wanted to share, I knew it was the right time to start something.

What was the start up phase like?

Really hard and exhausting at the time, it’s an emotional roller coaster but looking back now I know you need to go through all of that to be successful. You need to fail and you need to be good at every part of your business even if it’s not your strong suit.

Were there any specific challenges you had to overcome?

Organization, numbers and operations. Those aren’t my strong suits, so I spent a lot of time improving my personal skills to make sure I didn’t let my own business down. I also learned a lot about managing a team, permitting new businesses, working with the city and learning when to say no because you can’t do it all.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for new entrepreneurs?

Seek out other entrepreneurs advice, have mentors that you meet with regularly and stay constantly inspired.

Do you feel that strong social media presence is a big part of your career success? 

Yes, 100% I don’t think our business would be where it is now without it.

Your go-t0 breakfast recipe?

Green juice blended with brazil nut milk, maca, bee pollen, half banana and almond butter!

To get yourself some delicious organic cold-pressed juice, head to one of their 3 locations, or order some online here. Follow Alex Troll and The Juicery Co. on Instagram for more inspiration!