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20 Ways to Practice Self Love – It’s Easier Than You Think!

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How to Practice Self Love - 20 Easy Ways Think of all the little things that fill up your day. How do you practice self love? You may do it more than you think. Maybe you read a few chapters of a book every night, maybe you meditate in the mornings, treat yourself to a tub of coconut ice cream (because, why not?) or even just take the time to make yourself a nice meal at dinner time. All of these small things – things that make you feel good, feel loved, feel important – this is secretly self love. I think that self love and mindfulness tie into the same game. Being mindful of your own actions that make you feel confident and happy – these little things we do for ourselves – are more important than we think. So, next time you are debating indulging in a nice bubble bath, taking a “me day” and working from home, skipping the party to instead stay at home and watch your fav rom com – just go for it. You deserve self love practice in your life, and it is important to be mindful of that. 

christine pineaar photography How to Practice Self Love - 20 Easy Ways So, why is self love important?

Self love helps us to thrive as optimal human beings, both mentally, physically and spiritually. We are able to give more love to others once we have given love to ourselves. We are able to be at peace with ourselves and our appearance, and reduce the amount we compare ourselves to others. 

Is self love difficult?

Well, yes and no. It is a big step to find happiness within yourself and your own body, but once you take that first step (I know you are so, so brave!) and are comfortable with putting your health first, it will be incredibly easy, and even become routine. 

How to practice self-love…

Think of yourself as a tree or a plant, one that needs a little bit of water every day. Now think of the water as little practices of self love and how important it is to water that tree every day or else the leaves begin to turn brown, the flowers wither away. Shower yourself with little bits of love every day and you will grow to become even more confident, powerful and beautiful than you already are.

Now think of how you would speak to your daughter, or your 6-year old self. Would you tell them how beautiful they are no matter what? Would you tell them to dance like no ones watching? Would you want to see her thrive and be her happiest self? Now take that and use it with yourself today – how would your older self view your current self? Are you giving yourself enough love?

There really isn’t one big secret or concept to it all; as I’ve mentioned above, it’s really just the simple things you can do for yourself throughout the day that create a powerful practice – and it is much easier than you think (I’m going to tell you how). How to Practice Self Love - 20 Easy Ways  

Here are 20 easy & tangible ways you can practice self-love:

    1. Buy yourself a nice essential oil bath product and have a bubble bath
    2. Buy yourself flowers, just because
    3. Chew your food slowly, and eat whole foods that make you feel vibrant and energize
    4. Make yourself a cup of soothing herbal tea and dive into a good book
    5. Bake & decorate cupcakes 
    6. Purchase a Mandala colouring book & some pencil crayons and get artsy
    7. Go to a paint-it-yourself ceramic shop and paint yourself a new bowl or mug 
    8. Treat yourself to a boudoir photoshoot (or in jeans and a tshirt- whatever makes you feel good!)
    9. Host a dinner party
    10. Go out dancing (salsa, anybody?)
    11. Pet every dog you see – this one is a no-brainer for me, works like a charm. 
    12. Make yourself a big, beautiful salad with every colour of the rainbow and tell yourself “this food is nourishing my body, it makes me feel alive
    13. Take 10 minutes every day to sit down, breathe deep and think of all the amazing reasons to be happy (I am fortunate to have my health, have a bed to sleep in, have a job, have an incredible partner, live in a safe neighbourhood, have a best friend to call, have family to visit, etc.)
    14. Read a good blog (pick out the articles and recipes you love most and send them to your friends), such as http://www.mindbodygreen.com/, or of course, The Pure Life ;) 
    15. Give yourself a foot massage with a nice natural body cream
    16. Go skinny dipping or just jump in, in general! Jumping into a body of water is exhilarating and refreshes the mind, body & soul.
    17. Clean out your closet, give away 1/3 of your things and colour-coordinate (this is SO much more therapeutic than you initially think.)
    18. Go for a hike, a swim, a spin-class, whatever – just get out there. Exercise will release endorphins to make you feel good
    19. Look in the mirror, smile, and say “I love you”. Do this every day until it doesn’t feel weird anymore.
    20. Travel. Anywhere, just go and explore the world!

    Now tell me, what’s your favourite way to practice self love??

// All photography by the lovely Christine Pienaar for Ethereal Beauty Boudoir, who inspired me to write this post and helped me build self-confidence and love for my body.

How to Practice Self Love - 20 Easy Ways

  1. Caley says:

    Lovely post, Sisley!

    I have found the part about treating yourself as though you are your child version of yourself to be extremely helpful. I have used this technique through visualization many times, and it’s unbelievable how eye-opening it is! I wouldn’t treat her like that, so why would I treat myself in present day like that?! Good stuff. Great blog.



  2. Reymark says:

    As the saying says, before you can love others truly, you must know how to love yourself first.