4 Awesome Beauty Foods

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Ditch the fancy store-bought creams, preservative-filled face masks and complicated beauty routines and glow from within with these 4 beauty foods. These special tricks will help keep your skin glowing, your hair strong and your smile bright!

Please excuse that cheesy title – let’s get real – I struggled (and still struggle with!) skin problems. For those of you who have sensitive skin like me, or for those who want to shake up their beauty routine, save money or just have all around softer skin, this is what works for me! Depending on the season and the state of my skin, I like to use one of these foods as a treatment once a week. Right now, my favourite is avocado face mask, apple cider vinegar toner and coconut oil as a moisturizer. Best part about it? It’s totally affordable and you only need a tiny bit of each! Here’s a list of my fav goodies, feel free to comment below if you have any questions! Do share your favourite natural beauty routines – I love inspiration!

Avocado and Avocado Oil

Healthy fats are your best friend when it comes to beauty food. Not only is avocado packed with amazing health benefits when consumed, but you can actually apply avocado directly to your skin! Avocado helps hydrate, and will work wonders especially if you experience dry skin in the winter. When applied as a thin layer on your face, it will help block UV rays from the sun and may actually work as a sunscreen. Avocado can also be used for after-sun care to prevent dry and burnt skin from damaging. Wash off your avocado mask in smooth, slow circles to help remove dead skin cells for a refreshed, glowing look and feel.


Also known as the “The Fruit of the Angels”, papaya has amazing beauty benefits for skin and hair health. Consume papaya regularly for a glowing complexion, or rub raw papaya on a freshly-washed face to exfoliate the skin. Make a papaya hair mask with banana, coconut oil and natural organic yoghurt and leave on for 20 minutes, to keep your hair naturally strong and shiny. Warning: your bathtubb may hate you for this…


Cucumber is best used for the soothing of the skin. I like to take a few fresh cucumber slices and lay them on my eyelids or puffy parts of my face, to reduce inflammation and redness. Cucumber can also help soothe a sunburn. Try mixing cucumber with yogurt or honey and apply as a DIY calming face mask.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil with be your new favourite moisturizer! Once you have washed your face, blot your face with a towel to leave a bit of the moisture. Take a very small amount of coconut oil (about the size of your finger tip) and spread it all over your face. The coconut oil has properties which will help stop the spread of acne and help reduce scarring. Apply coconut oil to the ends of damaged hair, rough elbows and knees or dry skin. I like to apply coconut oil as a moisturizer a few times a week and/or use as makeup remover.

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    Great informations on beauty food. I needed to get something for my son, I guess I found it!

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    This is an informative post. These foods are very natural and help us get good health. Thanks for your sharing!