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Follow These 5 Simple Rules for Better Digestion

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How do I solve my digestive problems!? I get asked this question a lot. And I’ve been there before…poor digestion can be a real setback. These 5 simple rules are the ones I give to everybody for better digestion. If you can master these, I’m sure it will make you feel A LOT better. Leave a comment below, what is your secret to good digestion?

1. Be a mindful eater

This is a huge part of good digestion and is often overlooked. This includes chewing your food (up to 20-30 times per bite is recommend); chewing prepares your body for digestion and gets those enzymes churning. Being a mindful eater also means creating a healthy routine with food. Try having 3 solid meals: when you wake, around noon, and in the early evening. Snacking in between meals is great for some of us, but avoid snacking 2 hours prior to bedtime to allow for proper digestion when you go to sleep. Enjoying your food without any distractions such as television or computer screens is also very important! Try reading a book instead, or enjoy meals with a family member, roommate or loved one. Cooking your food with love can sound silly but is a huge part of my cooking routine. If you cook your food with care and love, you are bound to feel great eating it too!

2. Boost your digestive enzymes – naturally!

Try this: 1 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar mixed with 1/2 cup of luke-warm water before meals OR mix the juice of 1/2 a lemon with 1 cup of luke-warm water (and 1 tsp honey if not vegan) and drink that first thing in the morning (before eating breakfast). These both help boost your digestive enzymes and wake your stomach up naturally. I recommend this apple cider vinegar.

3. Soothe your Intestinal Lining

Aloe Vera juice is my secret weapon. This anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory pure aloe vera plant extract soothes your gut and the lining of your large intestine, and helps to avoid any further damage or discomfort. Aloe Vera juice also assists in the absorption of vitamins and minerals – score! Start with 1 tsp in the morning and work your way up to 1 tbsp. I drink mine just right off the spoon – it tastes a little funky but it does wonders! I recommend this brand.

4. Exercise

Cardio can have amazing benefits for your digestive system. Going for a daily walk, jog, bike or swim gets your body moving. This especially activates your lymphatic system (the “drainage” system for your body), which prevents blockage. Exercise also stimulates your bowels, which allows for healthier, regular bowel movements. Practicing meditation or yoga can also have a huge impact on your digestion, on a more mental and spiritual level. There are many different poses you can try for different areas of the body, but I specifically love downward dog, camel pose, backbend and headstand for digestion.

5. Follow a plant-based diet

This is kind of an obvious one, but as you all know I am a huge preacher of a vegan diet. Going plant-based has done wonders for my health and my digestion as I have personally suffered from IBS for years. I am now able to control how I feel by the type of food I put into my body. It’s quite simple: good quality plants = happy digestion. If you are hoping to solve your digestive problems, I recommend trying a plant-based vegan diet for at least 1 month, while avoiding high-fat, processed and sugary foods as well. Incorporating tons of fresh veggies and ripe fruits is also essential for good quality fiber to get those bowels moving! I also recommend adding some healthy fats like avocado, hemp seeds and cooking with coconut oil to help repair with any inflammation in the body.




  1. Emily Davies says:

    Awesome post Sisley! So true with the first one, we need to really chew our foods! It’s hard to do that with our society now of days, but I feel so much better when I do. Really great tips here – keep it up (Y)

  2. Marcy Allen says:

    I LOVE this list <3 These are most of the main recommendations I make, especially the "chewing your food" part. Sounds so silly and obvious but it's crazy how much of a difference it actually makes when you chew your food more. Love this, keep up the great posts!

  3. John says:

    Digestion starts in the mouth. That’s why I like your tip to chew your food. Most people don’t chew well.

  4. Great post. Very good write-up. I certainly love this website. Chewing and exercise are the essential parts to improve the digestion. Thank you

  5. Vipul Sharma says:

    In today’s world we need to be fit ,active and smart to compete . That’s an amazing list of foods which we needed to keep our digestion improved. Wonderfully written post! It’s never too late to start living a healthy, happy life, with control of my digestion using your great tips!