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I Got My DNA Tested, and Here are the Results

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This month I had the pleasure of getting my DNA tested. Full disclosure: this is the craziest thing and was so insanely mind-blowing for me, simply because it is a direct insight into our own body, giving us the power and tools to create a diet that is best suited to our DNA.

DNA Power

Sara Paley Photography

Is testing our DNA necessary? Nope.

Is it an incredible way to educate ourselves to make us the healthiest we can possibly be? Absolutely.

It’s 2017. You can swab your mouth with a Q-tip and have your DNA results mailed to you in 2 weeks. Isn’t that just the craziest thing ever? As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a curious female always searching for personal empowerment, learning about my DNA and health was just one step further I took to live my healthiest life. Knowing and understanding your DNA gives you the tools to work with your body and thrive at the most optimal levels.

This is how easy it is:

  • the kit is delivered to your home
  • cheek swab only takes seconds
  • postage paid return envelope included (Canada)

Why It’s Worth Trying

  • DNA is your body’s own biological road map – We don’t know if our genes are ‘active’ or ‘inactive’, but what we do know is that as we age, they are more likely to be switched on. By knowing our DNA we can make more proactive decisions about our diet and lifestyle to help achieve your highest genetic potential and avoid any possible disease that might be determined by our DNA.
  • Take power over your health by knowing your body’s own strengths and weaknesses. For example, I learned that I thrive better on a higher protein diet versus a super high carb diet, which I learned didn’t work for me in the past.
  • Work with your body instead of against it – By knowing which nutrients the body metabolizes best and which ones it doesn’t, it is easy to adjust the diet to fit our body’s unique needs. ie: some people do well on high protein diets, others on high carb. The DNA tests let you know your predisposition to how well you metabolize macronutrients and certain micronutrients. I also found out which sort of exercise I might thrive off of more than others and that my blood pressure doesn’t regulate as easily as others. The craziest part? Most of these things aligned with the issues I struggle with today. It’s fascinating how the body works!
  • Stop the guessing. Know which diet and supplements are right for you. For example, I learned that I have trouble methylating, and also may need more antioxidant support than most people. This allows me to narrow down on which supplements are best for my body.

I had my DNA testing done through a local Vancouver company called DNA Power Inc., but they work on an international level as well, so for anyone wanting to try it for themselves, they have offered you all a super special discount code for 10% off any package, and free shipping anywhere in Canada by using the code: “purednapower”.

If you have any more questions, you can check out their website here