My Summer Morning Routine

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It’s about time I post about my morning routine here, babes! This is the summer version, which I’m super excited about because Summer is my favourite season.

I’ve always been a creature of habit, so cultivating routines in various areas of my life has naturally always made me feel grounded. Implementing a structured morning routine has made me feel amazing, and I can’t wait to share this with you.

Cultivating Balance, Honouring Change, and Practicing Acceptance

While having a solid morning routine is amazing, I encourage you to not stress out too much about the specifics. It’s important to continuously analyze, reflect on and morph your routine for your current lifestyle. Honour those ups and downs and remind yourself that change is okay, as long as we put intention behind our actions. Accept your body for what it is capable of offering you – if that looks like adding in 1 new morning routine (like taking a probiotic supplement), then that is so wonderful! It took me a while to create a structured flow in my mornings, and I am continuously learning more and growing with the seasons. 

Natural Beauty Care


I like to wake up around 7 am slowly, with lots of cuddles and stretching. I wake up with an alarm and head into the bathroom. This is my favourite part of my mornings – Sisley’s spa! I like to spend a good solid 20 minutes doing some self-care beauty practices like brushing my teeth, tongue scraping (an ayurvedic practice that helps with digestion and removal of toxins), washing and exfoliating my face with natural skincare products and then giving my face a gentle oil massage. If I’ve got a photo shoot or meeting, then I’ll apply some natural makeup.

I always have a bowel movement first thing in the morning, which is important to help remove waste from the body and avoid liver toxification. This is SO important you guys!



I then head to the kitchen to drink a big glass of filtered water and take my probiotic supplement. This helps to wake up my digestive system and get my body moving for the day. I like to sip on my water slowly as I listen to the birds waking up around me – it’s the best part of the day when everything is still and fresh! Then, I put a pot of water on the stove to boil as I prepare my morning elixir. I usually love having a blended matcha latte with hot water, matcha, coconut butter, maca powder and Ceylon cinnamon. On days when I don’t feel like caffeine and need a little more stress-management, I opt for a mushroom latte with chaga or lions mane blended with hot water, coconut butter, maca powder and Ceylon cinnamon. I blend my drink in my Vitamix on high for a minute or two until frothy.

Workout Routine


I love to sip on my warm beverage while I roll out my yoga mat in our front yard. Then I’ll do some gratitude journalling and write down my daily affirmation using this journal. I then like to do 20 minutes of gentle yoga using the Down Dog app. Next, I love to sink into a meditation which I do for 10 minutes using a timer on the Calm app. This helps to clear my thoughts and allows me to sink into stillness for a few minutes. Some mornings I find this really difficult, and others I can meditate for 20-30 minutes, depending on how restless my mind is. 

If I do a workout in a studio (SoulCycle, barre class, HIIT workout, etc.) or at the park, then I’ll just meditate on my meditation pillow in our living room and skip yoga. I then do some small form of movement like arm and neck stretching, cat/cow or foam rolling. This helps to wake up my whole body.

Healthy Breakfast


I now feel awake and ready to take on my day! I will then wake up Ali and we will make a nice breakfast together. Breakfast usually consists of a big green smoothie with banana, celery, cucumber, herbs, spinach, spirulina and coconut water, sometimes it’s avocado toast with tomato and spices or an omelet made with pasture-raised eggs with herbs, arugula, nutritional yeast, and zucchini. We love getting creative with our meals! Breakfast is enjoyed sitting down together talking about our day, our dreams and our future!

Time to Work!


This is when I typically start working, hop on my conference calls/client calls/etc. for an hour and then get to working on my computer, meet up with clients or head across town for meetings. The rest of my day is always different, but I feel lucky to have a grounded base to keep me feeling balanced throughout my day!

Your Morning Routine

I want to hear from you! How do you start your day? Do you have a summer morning routine? Looking for more inspiration? Check out our next workshop here in Vancouver where we will help you create your dream morning routine.

Photo by Sara Paley Photography.