Vancouver Eats: Tractor Foods

the pure life


I am so excited to share with you one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver, Tractor Foods! This casual restaurant is the absolute perfect lunch spot. Situated both in downtown Vancouver and in Kitsilano, it’s a great place to grab a bite to eat on your work break or on your way home from the gym. You can choose from a selection of vegetarian and vegan salads, entree salads, soups & stews and you can also add protein like organic tofu or grilled avocado. I love the options they provide because I can never really pick just one thing in a restaurant – I usually want to try them all! I love getting a few sides and a soup and sharing it with my lunchmate, that way we get to try everything! 

My favourites: Kimchi Slaw, Roasted Cauliflower & Orzo Salad (both vegan), Sweet Potato & Lentil Soup, Thai Veggie Curry, Tractor Everyday Bar

Tractor_Foods Tractor_Bar IMG_4920