10 Random Things You Need in Your Pantry to be the Ultimate Health Goddess

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10 Random Things You Need in Your Pantry

I use these random products from my pantry every single day. They work so well for me, that I wanted to share them with you, too. Sometimes I feel a little hippie, but I honestly think these are all amazing and I know you will too, if you try them! It’s taken years and years of experimenting with different superfoods, supplements and powders that I’ve really narrowed it down to a few that have stuck with me for some time now. I’ve noticed that my body gravitates for certain things at different times, so I think this list will be forever changing…but these are my favs for now! Have a look!

Maca Powder

Maca is my Goddess. I have used this stuff for 3 years now, and I swear by it. Maca powder is an adaptogen, meaning it will “adapt” to anywhere in your body that needs to most balancing. It is also a great hormone balancer (helps with PMS, hot flashes etc.) and is packed with Vitamin C. I add 1 tsp to my morning smoothie every day, and really feel the difference. You can also add 1 tsp to porridge or baking too!

Try this Maca Vanilla Shake:

2 frozen bananas

1 tbsp raw cocoa powder

1 tsp maca powder

250ml almond or cashew milk 

1 large handful of ice cubes

1/2 tsp vanilla extract


Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds aren’t too “random” anymore, but I just had to throw them in here. Hemp seeds are a nutritionists dream! They are a great source of healthy fats and also a complete protein (holla vegans) and they go with pretty much anything. I sprinkle them on salads, on porridge, blended into smoothies or on top of granola. Best, food, ever.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Okay so this is technically stored in the fridge, but I live on this stuff. Not only is apple cider vinegar a great way to boost digestive processes before a meal (mix 2 tbsp with 1/2 cup of warm water before meals), but it is also a killer salad dressing mix-in and an awesome DIY face toner (It helps to shrink the size of your pores and reduces puffiness). I recommend this brand (make sure it’s always raw and unpasteurized). 

Raw Aloe Vera Juice

Another miracle staple! Also stored in the fridge, but a must for this list. Raw, unpasteurized organic aloe (I use inner filet) is a naturally soothing juice which can help your digestive tract and can assist in symptoms associated with heart burn, acid reflux, low stomach acid, upset GI/IBS, bloating. Being a gelatinous food, this helps food move along quite easily throughout the digestive tract. It’s also packed with Vitamins and Minerals and can be seen as an adaptogen, which can help with various bodily functions.

Spirulina Tablets

Spirulina is one of my favourite little superfoods, plus it’s an algae – cool. I take them in tablet form because it’s easier, but some people loving adding lose powder (1 tsp) to their smoothies or baking. Spirulina is a great source of B12, and it is also a complete protein source. Spirulina is known to be a great detox food so I like to take it for good skin. Now you have no excuse not to detox, this is literally the easiest thing ever (pop a few spirulina tablets in the morning with your lemon water, and you’re good to go.)

Oregano Oil

A friend introduced this to me a few years ago. We were out one night, and I kept complaining that I was “sooooo” sick. I felt like my throat had razor blades scratching down it, my tonsils were huge and I couldn’t stop sniffling/coughing everywhere (gross, I know). She forced a few drop of oregano oil down my throat and I was perfectly healthy the next day (crazy, right?). So shout-out to Kate for basically changing my life (thanks girl!). Oregano oil is my saviour for cold, coughs, flus etc. Oregano oil kills bacteria, especially in your throat. I take about 5 drops under the tongue, it tastes awful, but chug some OJ or freshly squeezed juice after and you’re golden! Do this 3-5 times/day and you will see insane results. I don’t recommend doing this for more than 1 week at a time, because oregano can destroy the good bacteria too, so I would recommend taking a probiotic if you choose to take it for longer. 

Epsom Bath Salts to make the Ultimate Bubble Bath

Oh my god. These things are amazing. How I didn’t know about these during my young childhood days are beyond me. Magnesium epson salts basically make you incredibly relaxed and mellow. I add about 1-2 cups in a hot bath, light a candle, put some essential oils in my diffuser and grab my favourite book and relax like pampered queen I am. Honestly, after a long day at work (I part-time work in a restaurant) or after a Power yoga class, my body is just screaming at me to chill out. I feel insanely relaxed after a bath with these guys, and I know you will too. Good news! Epsom salts are basically the same thing at every store, there is no “better” quality, so you can get them at London Drugs for example for like $6 versus a health food store for $25! Yay!

Add scented candles, a diffuser with a few drops of lavender essential oil, fresh flowers and calming music to make the most epic relaxing bath time.

Chill Pills

Another new-ie but a goodie. I recently braved a 20-minute oral exam halfway through my holistic nutrition program. Prior to presenting, I had a little breakdown which consisted of nerves, more nerves and lots of “what ifs?!”. The truth was that I knew I was going to do well, I was totally prepared and knew my stuff, it was just my nerves that got to the best of me. So off I went to Whole Foods, begging the supplement lady to give me something to calm me the heck down! I was originally looking for Calcium/Magnesium supplements, which are a relaxant and have been known to reduce anxiety symptoms, but when she introduced me to Chill Pills, I was totally drawn in. Chill Pills by the brand New Roots basically consist of ashwaganda (an adaptogenic herb), Holy Basil, B complex, Rohdiola, Passion Flower and a few more ingredients (all 100% natural, obvs). This mix is designed to help to boost your mood, calm anxious and nervous feelings and help concentrate. And for me, it totally works!

Matcha or Yerba Maté Tea 

Both amazing caffeine replacers. I add 1 tsp of raw local honey if I need sweetness that day and I am ready to go! I drink these teas if I wake up early for class or work, but tend to limit them to 2-3 times / week. Matcha is a potent antioxidant, detoxifies the body, increases energy levels and more. Yerba Maté is most popular and native to South America. Instead of giving you a caffeine rush, it provides more of a smoother energy boost. It is basically like drinking coffee, minus all the weird side effects. It is not only packed with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but it is also known as a “brain-loving” tea. My favourite way to incorporate this teas is to enjoy them at a local coffee shop. Next time you reach for a coffee, why not try Yerba Maté or a Matcha Latte instead? 

Rose Water

This is probably the number 1 thing that makes me feel like a total health goddess…rose water in everything. Ya feel? You can find low grade or high grade rose water at health food stores, persian food markets and online. I love adding 1 tsp rose water to my smoothies, coconut bliss balls, plain filtered water and in desserts. So yummy and honestly, how fun!?

What are your go-to “must have” pantry staples?




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    A lot of these are my favourites as well Sisley :) love the post