How to Eat Healthy While Travelling

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Eating healthy while travelling can be tricky, but with the right tools, I know you’ve got this. 

“How do you eat healthy while travelling?”

This is one of my most commonly asked questions that I get when I am travelling. I love to travel, I’ve been travelling my whole life. I am incredibly blessed to be able to travel throughout the year, living out of vans, tents, air BnB’s, hotels, hostels, friends and family’s basement suites, you name it. I want to share with you all my super simple, universal tricks and tips on how to eat healthy while travelling.

How to Eat Healthy While Travelling

Plane food, ugh.

The best part about plane food is that they’ve actually stopped providing it. So now we have the choice for which foods we want to eat on the plane! I recommend purchasing fresh salads and sandwiches, healthier low sugar and low salt snacks to avoid dehydration and bringing along a big water bottle (I always ask the stewardess to refill it throughout the flight). Most major airports have some great options, especially veggie ones! When landing, I always recommend getting a green smoothie right away to boost digestion, hydrate and nourish. I also love bringing my own veggie sticks, sandwiches and protein bars on the plane. 

Fruit for breakfast.

You probably want to inhale 5 french croissants, a Greek spanokopita or a giant plate of waffles for breakfast – I get it. One super easy tip I recommend is stocking up at a local produce shop (organic is always best!) or fruit stand and enjoy it for breakfast before you hit up the local food spots. It’s a great way to get fresh produce in, plus it’s super delicious. Try and look for seasonal, local fruit wherever you are. I love oranges, kiwis, grapefruits, berries and our absolute favourite: watermelon! If you’ve got a blender, then you’re one of the few lucky ones – stock up on a few day’s worth of smoothie groceries and nourish your cells!

Keep it protein-rich and carbohydrate-low. Just like your fitness instructor told you.

Now, this isn’t usually what I recommend to clients, but while travelling, we tend to eat our weight in carbohydrates. It can be so enjoyable to indulge in some hearty German bread, a fluffy pastry or a sugary muffin, but if you are eating carbohydrate-heavy and nutrient-low meals throughout the day, it can be super tough on the digestive system and will eventually make you constipated. Opt for protein-rich meals with lots of greens instead of pasta at every meal. One of my favourite things to eat for breakfast or as a snack in Europe is 2 slices of 100% dark German rye bread with fresh tomato slices and sprouts, sauerkraut or avocado. You can also opt for brown rice or quinoa bowls, salads at restaurants and keep bags of nuts in your travel bag for emergency snacking (a serious issue).

Lemon water, err day.

Another great way to keep your digestive system in tip-top shape while travelling. I recommend at least 500ml of water with the juice of 1 lemon before breakfast, or whenever you can squeeze it in (pun intended). Ask for lemon wedges with your water at restaurants and drink in between meal times to stay hydrated. Limes also work great! Don’t forget to pack a water bottle on your next trip. I also recently purchased this Santevia stick which you can take with you to filter and pH balance your water wherever you go.

Excuse me, where’s the closest cold-pressed organic juice shop?

Seriously though. It’s 2017. In most countries, a cold-pressed juice shop will probably be right around the corner from your hotel. Research the area beforehand or ask a local. Stock up on green juices for the day to stay ultra nourished and hydrated. And then take photos for Instagram to show how healthy you’re being on your vacation (#who’s jealous?!). 

I’ll have the salad, please.

Salads are God’s gift to travellers. After long days of enjoying alll the baked goods and local cuisine, your body needs a serious break. Opt for fresh salads off the menu – most European countries will have good salad options, or you can simply ask for all the fresh veggies they have (“I…errm… have a lot of allergies?”). Be that person.

Don’t be lazy. Cook your own meals.

This is a bonus if you’ve got a kitchenette in your hotel/ Air BnB, and if you’re camping then this post might help you better. Stock up on local organic groceries and make a fresh salad for dinner. I love exploring the local cuisine by raiding the local grocery and organic shops. Again, the fresher the better (Greek salad, tabbouleh, lett.uce and veggie boats, etc.).

Also…Move your bod’

Exercising is a great way to feel great on your vaycay! It keeps your lymphatic system moving and gives you a good appetite for your next meal. I love going for an early morning run, hiking, biking or doing yoga. 

Above all, make sure to leave your stress behind. These are just some simple tools you can use to feel better while you travel. Enjoy eating the local cuisine, and treat yourself to some delicious sweets. Don’t stress!

I hope this helped you and gave you some inspiration and motivation for your next vacation! Do you have any awesome tips that are worth sharing? Please, do tell! 

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    This post is perfect and is super helpful… how come I couldn’t think of this😉(My bad) Great thank you so much for the heads up…