Why You Might Need An Energy Makeover + How to Do It

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So you think you might need an energy makeover? Looking to improve energy? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve all had days, months, and even years where our energy just isn’t the same. When we don’t feel like our usual selves, it makes us feel lost, uninspired and exhausted. Trust me – I’ve been there!

While I wish it could be as simple as taking a magic pill, it’s not. Again, trust me on this one. As a holistic nutritionist, I focus on your life as a whole – nutrition, lifestyle and mindfulness. This includes anything from the food you’re putting into your body to the people you surround yourself with, and even the air you breathe. But don’t panic – having an energy makeover can be simple and enjoyable! So let’s get to it.

Why do I have no energy?

As mentioned above, high or low levels of energy can be an outcome of many different factors – diet, lifestyle, spiritual, etc. and can often be tricky to pin down what exactly might be affecting your energy levels.

How do I know if I need an energy makeover?

If you want to improve energy, it’s important to look at the symptoms and underlying causes. There are a few symptoms you might see if you’re energy levels are depleted – here are some:

  • exhausted when waking, lack of physical or mental energy throughout the day. No ability to stay focused at the task at hand.
  • low immunity – you get sick often
  • your physical appearance – you may notice dark circles under your eyes, inflamed skin, unusual weight gain around the abdomen
  • your hunger cues are off + you crave sugar and bread, especially in the afternoon

Here are 5 ways you can improve energy

Balance your plate:

The biggest mistake I often see with clients (and one that I used to struggle with) is not having a balanced plate. Make sure you are including healthy fats and protein at every meal to ensure balanced blood sugar. Here are a few examples of healthy balanced meals:

Breakfast: coconut yoghurt with chia seeds, hemp seeds, ground flax, mixed berries and cinnamon

Lunch: sautéed seasonal vegetables topped with sesame seeds, served with fried eggs in coconut oil (or lentils + rice if vegan)

Dinner: a big leafy green salad with half an avocado, walnuts and wild fish (or organic tempeh if vegan)

Supplement with Vitamin D

This supplement changed my life (and many of my clients, as well!). If you live in a city with little to no sunshine, especially during the wintertime, then chances are you may be Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D not only is essential for healthy bones and immunity, but it also plays a huge role in mood. Feeling the winter blues? Improve energy by supplementing with Vitamin D. This is a good brand I recommend.

Look at your stress levels:

Stress can take a huge toll on our energy levels if we’re not careful. Taking some time to analyze stress in your life (personal, financial, etc.) and looking at how you can reduce it, will help to improve energy. When we are under stress, our body uses all of it’s energy to stay alive, raising cortisol (stress hormone) and activating the sympathetic nervous system aka “fight or flight mode”. This is when digestion shuts down and our mind becomes preoccupied as it thinks it’s in danger.

Try spending a few extra hours with yourself this week doing things to help alleviate stress in your life. Ways that you can reduce stress include meditation, gratitude journaling, attending a local yoga class, reading a book (without your phone!), drinking Tulsi tea, going for a walk in nature, calling a loved one and reducing caffeine intake.

Switch up your morning routine

Mornings got you feeling blah? Try adding a few fun rituals into your morning routine to help kickstart your morning! If we start our day feeling good, we are more likely to make healthier choices throughout the day and keep energy levels up consistently.

Try switching things up by adding one of these new rituals into your morning routine:

Hydration: Drink a big glass of water before breakfast! Dehydration can often leave us feeling blah, so keep sipping on water to make sure you get those 8 cups a day in.

Nutrition: Try blending up a Vegan Bulletproof Latte in the mornings instead of your usual coffee.

Movement: Try doing some quick stretching or yoga before work to help wake up your body. Or try stepping it up a notch and throw yourself a mini dance party in the kitchen!

Learn how to prep foods for energy, like the health goddess you are.

Learning the fundamentals of nutrition feels empowering and can encourage us to take a deeper look at why our energy levels might be depleted. That’s why I’ve created The Pure Program – a six week back to basics course where (together, as a team) we go over:

  • how to balance your plate for thriving energy + tons of easy, healthy and delicious recipes and grocery lists
  • tips for meal prep + batch cooking
  • how to have rockin’ digestion so your body can focus on other things, like keeping your energy and mind sharp!
  • how to choose the right superfoods, supplements and adaptogens for you and your body
  • and so much more

Click here to learn more about The Pure Program and how to feel confident in the kitchen again. I promise you’re going to love it!

Remember that every body is unique and we are all going to thrive differently and respond to different diets and wellness practices in our own way. Still struggling with energy levels and want to work with me? Check out my private coaching options here.

Love always, Sisley xx

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