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This high protein black bean dip is the perfect protein snack that’s rich in fibre for gut health, balanced hormones and clear skin.

High Protein Black Bean Dip Recipe for Hormonal Acne (Dairy Free & Gluten Free)

Black Bean Dip

Is eating dairy free right for you? What are the benefits? Is dairy healthy? Let’s chat about it!

How to Start Eating Dairy Free


I’ve always wanted to create a healthy breakfast muffin recipe, so here we are today with these savoury breakfast muffins! I created this recipe for my local organic food store here in NZ. Not only are these muffins extremely tasty, but they also an easy breakfast option. Here’s why I love these muffins: They’re a […]

Recipe: Savoury Millet Breakfast Muffins (Dairy Free)


Ahhh, the sweet smell of rice pudding! Growing up in Germany, rice pudding was a childhood favourite of mine. My Omi would make it for me whenever I came to visit the farm. I remember the smell of fresh cream and cinnamon fill the kitchen as I watched her stir the warm dish until creamy […]

Dairy Free Rice Pudding

dairy free rice pudding

A fun take on the classic pad thai. This one is refined sugar free, packed with delicious vegetables and a creamy almond butter dressing.

Almond Coconut Pad Thai

Almond Coconut Pad Thai

A healthy dairy free caesar salad recipe Really? Yes! This salad is, in fact, healthy and delicious. Two can play at this game! Since many people deal with intolerances to dairy and eggs, I wanted to share a twist on a recipe that I personally loved growing up. My grandpa would make big bowls of homemade Caesar salad […]

Dairy Free Caesar Salad Recipe

Vegan Cesar Salad

Let’s talk veggies. Honestly, is there anything better than a big bowl of roasted veggies? I think they are so underrated. Especially when they’re drizzled with tahini and fresh lemon juice – yes, please. This simple roasted veggie bowl is the perfect cozy meal. Eating raw veggies is amazing, but it’s also important to include some cooked […]

Simple Roasted Veggie Bowl

Roasted Veggie Bowl

I have always been a little nervous to tackle my own loaf of banana bread because my grandmother bakes the best banana bread, EVER. But I had a bunch of ripe bananas in my kitchen, and enough frozen bananas to make me enough smoothies to last a lifetime (not that I could ever have too […]

Sugar-Free Banana Loaf

sugar-free banana loaf