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5 Ways to Recover From Overeating

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With Canadian Thanksgiving just behind us and American Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’m getting tons of questions on how to recover from overeating over the holidays.  What is overeating? Overeating and binge eating is something that many of us have struggled with at some point. It often comes unexpected […]

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Why I’m No Longer Vegan


Today I’m getting up close and personal and sharing my story behind why I’m no longer vegan. Disclaimer: Please note that I am simply referring to a vegan diet, not the lifestyle. I also fully respect anyone’s choice to follow a vegan diet. You do, girl! After many requests to […]

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My Summer Morning Routine

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It’s about time I post about my morning routine here, babes! This is the summer version, which I’m super excited about because Summer is my favourite season. I’ve always been a creature of habit, so cultivating routines in various areas of my life has naturally always made me feel grounded. […]

Mindful Eating
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Are You Eating Mindfully?

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I’ve teamed up with my friends at Botanica to share my thoughts on mindful eating. For years, I spent my time eating meals quite carelessly. I never thought about chewing, ate a lot of meals carelessly in front of my computer or quickly at my desk without taking a lunch […]

Salad Booster Hacks
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4 Salad Booster Hacks for Beauty

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I’ve teamed up with Mountain Rose Herbs to share with you my salad secrets. Are you ready to take your salad to the next level with these 4 salad booster hacks?  I love having a big leafy green salad for lunch every day – it makes me feel nourished, energized […]

Liver Health
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How and Why You Should Support Your Liver

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Let’s talk about liver health! I want to teach you how and why you should support your liver. Our liver is a very important organ in the body that is often overlooked. Amongst many other¬†important functions, such as the metabolism of fats, protein and carbs and storing glucose for energy, […]