Salad Booster Hacks

4 Salad Booster Hacks for Beauty

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I’ve teamed up with Mountain Rose Herbs to share with you my salad secrets.

Are you ready to take your salad to the next level with these 4 salad booster hacks? 

I love having a big leafy green salad for lunch every day – it makes me feel nourished, energized and satisfied for the day. A big misconception is that salads are boring, bland and not satiating. Today I am proving all of that wrong! Salads can be beautiful, delicious and packed with goodness. The following hacks are great for beauty because they pack a ton of vitamins and minerals like zinc and vitamin C for gorgeous skin, hair and nails. 

The Basics

A balanced salad should have a mixture of the following in order for you to feel satiated and energized.

  • a base of leafy greens: arugula, spinach, massaged kale, spring mix, microgreens, red leaf lettuce, etc.
  • a mix of your favourite in-season veggies (raw and/or cooked): shredded red cabbage, red peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, asparagus, grated beets or carrots, shaved brussels sprouts, roasted root veggies, avocado, sprouts, etc.
  • protein: try plant-based proteins like tempeh, chickpeas, quinoa, a mix of brown rice + lentils or wild caught salmon
  • healthy fats: avocado, nuts like sliced almonds and walnuts, seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, pistachios and hemp seeds

1. Spices & Herbs

My favourite way to boost the flavour of the veggies in my meals is by using spices and herbs. I like getting mine in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs because they have the best quality. Spices and herbs pack a ton of benefits to help reduce inflammation in the body, support your immune system and so much more. I always try to sneak dried spices and herbs into my meals.

Try this:

  • roast root vegetables like sweet potato or carrots with a sprinkle of turmeric or cumin.
  • sauté organic tempeh or protein of your choice in lemon pepper or an all-purpose seasoning.
  • add dried herbs or Italian seasoning to your salad dressing
  • swap out your table salt for Himalayan salt, which is packed with minerals
  • chop up fresh cilantro, mint, basil, dill or parsley and sprinkle it on your salad

2. Salad Dressings

I love adding fresh or dried herbs to salad dressings, like this Zesty Tahini Dill Dressing or Creamy Hemp Basil Sauce to help boost the powerful antioxidant content and to bring unique flavours to my salads. I love making a big mason jar of salad dressing for the week using different flavours. 

Try this:

3. Superfoods

My favourite way to boost a salad is in the superfoods! Try adding a variety of toppings like a sprinkle of nutritional yeast, herbal gamasio or goji berries. Try making an Asian-inspired salad by topping off your dish with seaweeds like nori or dulse which are packed with minerals for glowing skin and healthy hair.

4. Fermented Foods

Try adding a tbsp. of refrigerated sauerkraut to your salads for extra crunch and fermented goodness. Sauerkraut is packed with live probiotics which are great for digestion, reducing inflammation in the body and boosting immunity. I recommend 1-2 tbsp. to serve. Alternatively or additionally, try adding 1 tbsp. of probiotic-packed fermented miso paste in a lemon & tahini salad dressing or adding a few pieces of organic tempeh for a protein boost.

This post was sponsored by Mountain Rose Herbs. All opinions are, as always, my own. Thank you for supporting companies that support The Pure Life.

Salad Booster Hacks

Salad Booster Hacks