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In this section of The Pure Life, you'll find all of my acne tips, education on holistic wellness topics and so much more.

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A healthy anti-inflammatory turmeric latte recipe for acne. Ready in 5 minutes!

Turmeric Latte Recipe for Acne (Golden Mylk)


Bulletproof coffees are all the rage! Ali and I got into this nifty brain tonic after we attended the Whistler Wanderlust festival in 2017 and couldn’t stop talking about the delicious creamy goodness they served. Being dairy free, we decided to switch it up a little and use slightly different ingredients, hence why this is […]

Recipe: Make-Ahead Vegan Bulletproof Pods


I love a good warm latte, especially during the winter months here in Canada. This Chaga Chai latte is seriously next level. I love the earthy taste of chaga and how nicely it pairs with spices like cinnamon and cardamom to make this drink extra special. I love a good coffee chai latte (“dirty chai”) […]

Chaga Chai Latte

Chaga Chai

I used to be addicted to coffee. I’ve been there, and I know exactly what it’s like to wake up and reach for a coffee first thing in the morning to get my day started. I want to share my caffeine journey and the benefits of matcha as this is a frequented question on the […]

The Benefits of Matcha & My Caffeine Journey

The Benefits of Matcha

This tea will make you want to curl up on the sofa with a good book and a blanket, it’s just that good. This immunity tea is my saviour during the colder winter months and it’s something I’ve been drinking for years now to help combat flu and cold viruses. I am seriously in love […]

“Feel Better” Immunity Tea

"Feel Better" Immunity Tea

This Beet, Rose & Maca Latte is going to make you feel and look #gorgeous. To celebrate Beauty Foods month, I wanted to share with you a truly beautiful recipe.  You are going to love this. This Beet, Rose & Maca Latte: Is made with the beautiful adaptogenic herb maca, which is great for hormone […]

Beet, Rose & Maca Latte

Beet, Rose & Maca Latte

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about superfoods, it’s that turmeric trumps them all. Turmeric is pure magic. This beautiful root is packed with so much goodness that it is basically magic. Paired with spicy ginger and cayenne pepper, lemon and fresh orange juice and a drop of raw local honey, this Glowing Turmeric Elixir […]

Glowing Turmeric Elixir Paste

Turmeric Elixir Paste

This healthy version of a PSL is about to blow your mind!

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Spice Latte