What a Nutritionist Eats in a Day

What a Holistic Nutritionist Eats in a Day

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Ever wondered what a nutritionist eats in a day? Lately many of you have been asking what I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To give you an idea of what I eat during the day, although every day is different, here are some examples to inspire you!

What a Holistic Nutritionist Eats in a Day
What a Nutritionist Eats in a DayMy meals consist of an abundance of fruits and veggies, whole grains, healthy fats and clean protein. I follow a plant-based diet that includes a variety of foods, like the ones listed below! I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full, and I never restrict my body if it is craving something. By eating a balanced, nutrient-dense diet I am giving my body the energy to thrive and to keep cravings for nasty sugars and junky foods at bay. This does not mean I won’t indulge in a good treat every once in a while! It really is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle, meaning the food I eat is not the only thing that keeps me healthy and happy, but I also use physical movement and spiritual holistic practices to fuel my body. This is how I #lovemylifestyle



I like to wake up my digestive system with a big glass of warm water with lemon, or a fresh, warm ginger tea. If I don’t have time for those, I will just drink a big glass of filtered water. This is also a great way to stay hydrated before you start your day. This ritual is also a really great way to slow down and eat mindfully.

Next, I usually go for a big green smoothie with mango, orange, spinach, cucumber, fresh herbs, ginger and filtered water or a creamy berry smoothie with frozen berries, banana, almond milk and any superfoods I’m feeling that day (usually, it’s maca powder, hemp seeds or spirulina.) If I’m feeling chilly that day, or if I need something more grounding, then I opt for porridge. I cook my oats in water and a little nut milk, then I top it with some pure maple syrup, hemp seeds, and loads of spices like turmeric, cardamom and cinnamon. Lately, I’ve also been loving coconut yoghurt topped with fresh fruit and homemade granola.

I always have a “second breakfast”, or a snack about an hour afterwards. This usually consists of an apple or a piece of sprouted toast with nut butter, or chia pudding. 1-2 times a week I’ll enjoy a nice warm latte with organic espresso, almond milk and maple syrup. I love a good, creamy coffee.


Lunch is usually whatever I’m shooting for the blog/Instagram that day, so it varies. But my go-to is a power bowl with quinoa, roasted veggies and some sort of sauce– I love creamy cashew dips, hummus or tahini. I also love snacking, so making a snack plate from leftovers in the fridge is always a good idea (veggie sticks, avocado toast, nuts etc.). In the summer, this will almost always be a big leafy green salad with quinoa and fresh veggies. For salad dressings, I like to keep it light and stick to olive oil, lemon juice and spices.

Some days I’ll have a snack between lunch and dinner. This might consist of a smoothie with frozen banana, dates, cinnamon and cashew milk, a homemade bliss ball, muffin or raw energy bar. Some days I’ll make a hot cup of tea, like a creamy chai or a green tea. Sometimes its avocado toast with sprouts, or just a big bottle of filtered water.


Dinner is usually something Ali and I make together. We love anything from making our own ramen/miso soup to homemade pizza, tofu coconut curry or a veggie bolognese, or whatever recipe I’ve been experimenting with that week. Ali is a really great cook, so dinner is always super fun! A few nights a week we eat Persian food, which I am lucky enough to have made for me. This usually consists of a homemade grounding stew with beans and lentils, herbs and eggplant or tomato served over rice and drizzled in tahini. If I need to take dinner on the go, I make a big green smoothie in a mason jar – the best! 


I’ll usually have something an hour after dinner, like some green grapes or a raw caramel slice. I always need a bite of something sweet after I eat something savoury, even if it is a piece of fruit or a square of chocolate. It’s more of a mental thing than a craving. 


I hope this gave you some ideas on how to nourish your body. Remember that everyone is different, so make sure to listen to your body and use my recipes as guidelines and inspiration to eat purely. 

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  1. Jacqueline Watters says:

    I’m following you and Joyous Health. Would love to have Joyous Detox as my daughter -in-law has celiac disease and both your recipes are gluten free which would be great for her to have. You both have great recipes and I really enjoy following you! Jacqueline Watters. jakkie500@hotmai.com& jakkie53.Have a great weekend!

    • Hi, Jacqueline! I have already announced the winner but I highly recommend that you consider purchasing the book anyways because it is such a gem!! So much love to you and thank you for the kind words. XOXO

  2. Great post Sisley! Super interesting to hear about your food choices and how often you eat, etc. Thanks so much for sharing!


    – Caley