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Health Tips

In this section of The Pure Life, you'll find all of my acne tips, education on holistic wellness topics and so much more.

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I talked about essential oils this week on my Instagram Stories and how they help me with managing stress. I got such incredible feedback that I decided to elaborate a bit more in a blog post.  These are my favourite essential oils to include my daily rituals to feel calm, collected and focused. I included […]

The Best Essential Oils for Stress Management

The Best Essential Oils for Stress Management

This month is Digestion Month at The Pure Life and I couldn’t be more excited to share my favourite tips with you! 5 years ago, I struggled with intense digestive issues. I saw a gastrointestinal doctor once a week to determine what was “wrong with me” – we tried everything from blood tests to acid pills, […]

The Best Supplements for Healthy Digestion

Supplements for Digestion

This month I had the pleasure of getting my DNA tested. Full disclosure: this is the craziest thing and was so insanely mind-blowing for me, simply because it is a direct insight into our own body, giving us the power and tools to create a diet that is best suited to our DNA. Is testing […]

I Got My DNA Tested, and Here are the Results

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Hello, my beautiful readers. How to get glowing, healthy skin is one of my most frequently asked questions. So, to celebrate the end of Beauty Food month at The Pure Life, I wanted to share my favourite tips for clear skin! I get it, I’ve been there. If you’ve been following me for a while, […]

Tips for Clear Skin – How to Get Rid of Acne, for REAL!

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A big part of eating healthy and living holistically means having a super stocked, organized kitchen that you actually enjoy cooking out of! Over the past year, we have slowly built a kitchen that is organized and easy to cook in! I am super excited to have teamed up with The Unscented Company to bring you some […]

My Kitchen Hacks – How to Make Cooking Easy & Enjoyable!

We are focusing on #beautyfood this month at The Pure Life and I couldn’t be more excited to share one of my favourite foods for not only beauty but also for immunity, digestion and so much more. Turmeric is one of my favourite spices – I learned how to cook with it in rich, fragrant […]

How to Add Turmeric To Your Diet

Turmeric Elixir Paste

Imagine knowing what your blood cells are up to, simply with the prick of a finger? I present to you: live blood analysis. This is the future, my friends. Just a prick of blood from your fingertip, and live blood analysis can you show you exactly what’s going on in your body. I’m talking acidity in […]

Why You Need to Do Live Blood Analysis Right Now

Live Blood Analysis

The way you start your morning can determine how you feel the rest of your day. How do you want to feel?   How do you start your morning? Maybe it’s with a big glass of lemon water, or maybe it’s hitting the snooze button 8 times? I am going to share with you: my favourite 10 easy […]

10 Easy Morning Routine Ideas

The holidays are such a beautiful and festive time, but let’s face it, we all feel a little hungover and sluggish this time of year. For me, the holidays usually mean eating too much food, drinking, napping, cuddling, sleeping, snacking, cooking, baking, taking the occasional snowy walk, and more eating. I want to show you […]

How to Beat the Holiday Bloat

Supplements for Digestion