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Beauty Food Workshop

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This Sunday, July 30th I am hosting a brand-new workshop that I can’t wait to share with you guys! We are going to chat all about my favourite “beauty foods” for glowing skin, decorate DIY smoothie bowls and chat about how to incorporate self-love practices into our daily routine.  I […]

Natural Beauty

4 Awesome Beauty Foods


Ditch the fancy store-bought creams, preservative-filled face masks and complicated beauty routines and glow from within with these 4 beauty foods. These special tricks will help keep your skin glowing, your hair strong and your smile bright! Please excuse that cheesy title – let’s get real – I struggled (and […]

Natural Beauty

Mocha Coconut Body Scrub


Your body will be totally and completely in love with this scrub. All natural, free of nasty additives or preservatives and cruelty-free. Plus, it sort of smells amazing. The coffee grinds & cacao naturally target cellulite and contain powerful antioxidants that help make stretch marks disappear. The coconut oil deliciously moisturizes your […]