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Natural Beauty

In this section of The Pure Life, you'll find all of my acne tips, education on holistic wellness topics and so much more.

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Babes! It’s about time I reveal my favourite hair care tips and routine secrets. It’s no secret by now that I’m not a very girlie-girl. I’m not naturally good at curling my hair, I can’t paint my nails (no matter how many times I try) and I can’t – for the life of me – […]

My Natural Hair Care Routine

Natural Hair Care

Think of all the little things that fill up your day. How do you practice self love? You may do it more than you think. Maybe you read a few chapters of a book every night, maybe you meditate in the mornings, treat yourself to a tub of coconut ice cream (because, why not?) or […]

20 Ways to Practice Self Love – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Pure Life Nutritional Consulting

I use these random products from my pantry every single day. They work so well for me, that I wanted to share them with you, too. Sometimes I feel a little hippie, but I honestly think these are all amazing and I know you will too, if you try them! It’s taken years and years of […]

10 Random Things You Need in Your Pantry to be the Ultimate Health Goddess

I have been getting this request for a while now and since it’s officially summer, I have decided to do a Summer Essentials Beauty Guide! This post is going to share with you my favourite beauty products and essentials that I have been loving lately! All products are my own opinion, this post is not sponsored in […]

What’s In My Beauty Cabinet? Summer Essentials Beauty Guide

  This is probably the hardest thing for me to share, but I am sharing this post with you today because I wish I had advice like this to help me through my struggle with how to cure acne. Finding real, honest resources such as youtube bloggers or friends (vs. skincare companies) was always the […]

How I Cured my Cystic Acne & Rosacea

I think it’s really important to recognize that what we put on our body is just as important as what we put into our body. Most of the products we use on our skin are actually absorbed into the body, which is why we should be aware of the products we are using everyday. I […]

My Favourite Natural Beauty Products

My Favourite Beauty Products

Ditch the fancy store-bought creams, preservative-filled face masks and complicated beauty routines and glow from within with these 4 beauty foods. These special tricks will help keep your skin glowing, your hair strong and your smile bright! Please excuse that cheesy title – let’s get real – I struggled (and still struggle with!) skin problems. […]

4 Awesome Beauty Foods

My Top Tips for Staying Sun-Safe If you know me, you’ll know that I take my sun health very seriously. In fact, I take it so seriously that I am often teased for it – all in good fun though. I am one of those “sensitive” people who will catch just about anything known to mankind. I’ve […]

Wellness: Tips for Staying Healthy in the Sun

Your body will be totally and completely in love with this scrub. All natural, free of nasty additives or preservatives and cruelty-free. Plus, it sort of smells amazing. The coffee grinds & cacao naturally target cellulite and contain powerful antioxidants that help make stretch marks disappear. The coconut oil deliciously moisturizes your entire body and all of […]

Mocha Coconut Body Scrub