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How to Make Sisley’s Signature Savoury Breakfast

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good green smoothie or beauty bircher from The Pure Program, and this is usually what I consume for breakfast most days, but I also can’t get enough of my signature savoury breakfast! On my mornings at home, I usually have more time to […]


4 Mistakes You Might Be Making (That Will Affect Digestion)

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I often come across clients who struggle with digestion. When we get to analyzing their diet and everyday habits, I begin to notice a trend – some of the things they are doing on the daily is seriously wreaking havoc on their digestion! Find out what […]


Kimchi, Brown Rice & Tempeh Bowl

This kimchi, brown rice and tempeh bowl is a nutrient-dense, delicious and satiating recipe perfect for work lunches! I based this bowl off the traditional “macrobiotic diet”, which is a diet based heavily on whole grains, fermented foods, sea vegetables and cooked vegetables. This Asian-inspired tempeh bowl is sure to […]


Recipe: Chai Spiced Morning Glory Muffins (DF)

If I could pick a favourite flavour of muffin, it would have to be morning glory muffins, HANDS DOWN. I love that they include a little bit of everything (fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, etc.) and that they truly taste like heaven. This is a chai spiced version, but you can […]